Friday, July 01, 2005

Music that made me tick once

I'm a bit out of topic today, so I'll just write a little about music that made me happy once: let me look at my playlist...
I started to enjoy music when I was 5 or 6 and I'd come home from school and listen to Tracy Chapman. I loved to sing those songs lol. My parents had a varied musical taste and I was really influenced (I'm writing like I'm a musician or something...) by John Lennon, Motown ;), Sting, Dire Straits (I hated that!), Pink Floyd. My mother liked Credence Clearwater Revival, James Taylor and Elton John and my dad was more into ZZTop, Deep Purple, Motown and (no!!) UB40. lol
Well, there was a lot of music going on but I remember some classical musical moments: there was a time when we'd listen to Dire Straits every morning at breakfast (on top of having to get up early, I still had to hear that shit, what a nightmare) and there was another time when we'd listen to Motown every saturday at lunchtime. They were a bit into their routines. lol
Then I began to buy my own CDs: one of the first was Waking up the Neighbours by Bryan Adams (at that time I had other neighbours and they were a lot less noisy), then I liked Bon Jovi :P; and Ace of Base (I used to have a ball dancing to that...).
When I was eleven years became a fan of Take That. That lasted for about a year and then I turned to britpop. It seems like yesterday...but it was ten years ago (oh my God). My poor Mum couldn't bear to hear another Oasis song. I mixed all of that with Nirvana and Hole, and a bit later on I started to like the Smashing Pumpkins. In the middle, I still had time to love Ocean Colour Scene lol.
Later, I started to listen to Placebo, Portishead, Massive Attack, Lamb, a bunch of portuguese bands... In 2001, I became a Tori Amos's addict.
Nowadays I stopped listening to any of these names consistently but I'll hear almost anything. I had a bit of a direction but now I lost it and I find myself enjoying anything that makes me feel something. And that's how I feel about music now.


Jon said...

It really gets to be a love affair if you're brought up surrounded by music. My Mum & Dad still have "Music Sundays". Last week's offering was Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds. If you've never heard it it's a late '70s musical verison of the story narrated by Richard Burton. It features the "Oolaa" sound effect which Orbital sampled on their first album. I'm such a music geek :)

Jon said...

Damn my typing! Version, not verison. lol

Devil Mood said...

Music sundays, that's so cool! :) Unfortunately, my parents don't listen to so much music nowadays, they're probably tired of listening to mine.
It's true, I never heard of Jeff Wayne, it sounds like something only people that really like music know. :)

Anonymous said...

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