Friday, August 26, 2005


I have another deadline, until tonight, to deliver a paper. It's really stressful working under these conditions, especially when my system is a total crap. I try to be cautious but, in the end, everything gets done in the last minute. It's so hard to concentrate. When I'm working on the computer, I always get distracted with the internet and music, and think "I'd better work in my room, I'll get things done faster there". Then I go to my room, I try to start working and I think "Why should I bother writing this on a paper when later I'll have to copy it to the computer. I'd better write directly in the computer". And it's a VICIOUS CYCLE! :P lol

Sorry about this totally useless post. The song of the day is Cousteau - The Last Good Day of the Year (just because I can't get it off of my mind :P)

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