Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Gwen Stefani's new video for "Cool" captured my attention like a film: it's got so much colour, wonderful sequences and a story that truly reflects the theme of the song. I'd heard the song before, I thought it was okay (I like the theme: remaining friends with an ex and then meeting his new girlfriend - the twists and turns of life) but it really come to life with the video. Of course, Gwen Stefani would do anything to try a new style and this time she's in Italy, in the fifties, and the scenery is magnificent. I wondered if she would punch the new girlfriend in the video or something like that but it didn't came to that. Nevertheless, it's a great video that made me want to see Italian movies and gave me a chance to see Gwen with a new hair colour (brown) - pink suited her better. :)


enleaver said...

in my country there's this radio station called hitz.fm, and they've made a game out of gwen's song "cool". someone who's attached will call in and give the dj the phone number of his/her ex, and will let the dj call him/her up, to find out how cool this person is with his/her ex. it's like playing pranks on the ex, to see if they get pissed off and to test if they are really cool with their ex!

nice song. i love hollaback girl!

Devil Mood said...

Oh, I hate that kind of prank! :P I think people from radio stations have nothing better to do with their lives than getting into other people's businesses. I'd be really mad if they did that to me.

Anonymous said...

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