Wednesday, August 03, 2005

How to write 100 Facts about you, without giving too much information

So here are the 100 Facts about me but I’m trying not to be too revealing. It won't work.

1. I’m 21 years old.
2. That means I’m a Pig in the Chinese horoscope.
3. I don’t have any brothers or sisters and, if I ever have children, I’m gonna make sure they’re not an only child.
4. I live with my parents.
5. I live in a flat in a city in Portugal.
6. I’m one year away from finishing my College education.
7. I’m not sure I’ll be very good in my profession.
8. I’m a Sagittarius but it doesn’t show much.
9. I have brown eyes.
10. I usually wear contact lenses but I have some very stylish Gucci glasses. lol
11. My hair is black and straight.
12. I have fair skin; been compared to Snow White a few times (not right now, I’m tanned!)
13. I have two scars in my body.
14. I don’t have any piercings, not even in my ears, or tattoos.
15. Music has always been my escape from reality and a big part of my life.
16. I’ve always wished I were a singer. Even nowadays I get the urge to stand in front of the mirror with a microphone and sing.
17. I don’t think I have any vices.
18. I rarely drink and I’ve never been drunk in my life.
19. Also, I don’t intend to.
20. Yes, maybe I’m a bit of a control-freak.
21. But I’m a very dreamy person as well.
22. I’m a strong believer in Astrology and I wish I’d dedicate myself to studying it more.
23. I’m not especially religious but I believe there’s something bigger than us and that our lives follow some sort of logic, however twisted it may seem.
24. I haven’t eaten meat for 6 years now.
25. I love cheese 
26. I don’t miss meat at all and I’ve been a lot healthier ever since I stopped eating it.
27. I have a dog, he’s 13 years old and fat.
28. I was born in Paris and lived there for the first 8 months of my life.
29. I haven’t been there ever since.
30. When I was little I thought men had gone to all the planets in the solar system.
31. I love writing but I think what I write is crap.
32. I still wish one day I’ll dedicate myself to it and write something really good.
33. I started to write little stories when I was about seven, shortly after I’d learned to write. I didn’t have much to say back then but I enjoyed it.
34. I don’t like poetry much but my favourite poems are by Florbela Espanca. She wrote the most beautifully sad poems.
35. I love reading.
36. One of my favourite books is “Emotionally Weird” by Kate Atkinson.
37. My room has a purple wall.
38. When I was a kid I was crazy about the Eurovision Song Contest. I’d record the shows and watch them over and over again, singing. :P
39. I never believed in the mini-discs and now they’re totally obsolete (I knew it!).
40. I used to hate 80s music but now I love it (well, some of it…)
41. I was a very good student, especially in high school. At least that was something where I was really good at. In college, it’s a lot tougher to get good grades.
42. I have a thing for all-things-foreign, exotic or not, just different. I love looking at people and not understanding what they’re saying.
43. So I’ve always wanted to move abroad.
44. I love accents!
45. I don’t think my country is going anywhere! Lol
46. I love beauty products.
47. I wish I were more focused.
48. I’m very pessimistic about my future.
49. I’m more of a series-fan than a film-fan.
50. There’ve been many times when I wished I lived in a tv-series.
51. My favourite children’s movie is Home Alone II. I LOVED it!
52. I’ve been watching Eastenders on BBC Prime for 8 or 9 years now, with no major interruptions (I can’t believe this!). There’ve been a few dull moments through the years but I can’t stop watching it.
53. I remember the first episode I watched: a bunch of them were in Brighton for some party. There was Bianca, Tiffany, Joe, Sarah, Simon, Tony….I didn’t understand most of it but I started watching it.
54. Oh, 50 more to go…I don’t own I car, I’d like to have a Mini Cooper.
55. I have my driver’s license, though.
56. I should’ve failed my driving exam but the examiner was soft on me. I don’t think I’m a bad driver, honestly, I just had a bit of bad luck in the exam.
57. I’m a bit lazy but I try to exercise at home: it makes me feel better physically and mentally.
58. I’m a huge supporter of FC Porto.
59. I love watching football and Chelsea is one of the best teams to watch because they play so well.
60. Athletics and swimming are also wonderful to watch. I think I secretly wish I was an athlete.
61. I’ve had premonitory dreams.
62. I’m almost certain I lived in London in a previous life; I love that city so much.
63. I had a great friend who lived in Sweden. We wrote each other a lot for a while. She lives in Florida now but I haven’t heard from her for quite a bit. I miss her!
64. She had beautiful handwriting but I’m very good at deciphering other people’s handwriting.
65. I used to frequently get food in my clothes while I was eating breakfast. A friend of mine used to make fun of me and offered me a special set of dishes for my breakfast with little dogs and bones in it.
66. I’ve only ever loved one person (romantically) in my life.
67. I’ve had a lot of crushes (I don’t like this word) though and many times for people I didn’t even now.
68. There’ve been times when love has been stronger than pride ;)
69. I have a thing for a certain physical-type of men ever since I’ve met someone. Now everyone I fancy seems to have similarities to that person and their images get all mixed up in my head. It’s really strange.
70. Most of the men I like nowadays have a strong emphasis on Libra.
71. I’ve done a bunch of ugly things, driven by love and jealousy.
72. I’m scared I’ll never be interested in people that are interested in me.
73. I used to have a crush on Robbie Williams, when he was on Take That. lol
74. Don’t like him now.
75. I wish I’d lived in the 60s in California.
76. I wouldn’t go to LA nowadays even if they’d pay me.
77. I think my view on the USA is too influenced by films and TV-shows. I’m not too curious about it, anyway.
78. I have many, many fears.
79. I don’t have a very high opinion on myself.
80. Have many doubts about how other people see me.
81. I love songs about betrayal and broken hearts lol.
82. I have a big family. Including many uncles and cousins. They’re all crazy.
83. I seem quite mysterious to the “outside world” and I think people have a hard time if they want to get to know me well.
84. I’m a shy person but when I trust people I can become quite crazy.
85. I frequently need some time alone to get my energies back on top.
86. I’m very concerned with nature, ecology and animals and get really upset when I start thinking about everything that’s wrong with the world.
87. I cry very often, not because I’m sad, I’m just emotional.
88. Does this list never end? I’m listening to Heal Over by KT Tunstall – really beautiful song  reminds me of my holidays.
89. I chose to write my blog I English because I really like the language and don’t have many opportunities to practise it in the real world.
90. Although I’ve learned French and German at school, I can’t speak them fluently. I understand French but German is just a blur to me.
91. I had a lousy German teacher.
92. On the other hand, I loved my English and History teachers in high school. I actually miss them!
93. I like any song that makes me feel some kind of real emotion, so I listen to many things that are crap sometimes.
94. I once danced “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis in a school party. I was 8.
95. I also played All you Need is Love in the flute, at the same event.
96. I am a godmother of a very beautiful kid 
97. I’ve written a couple of songs – totally ridiculous.
98. I once wrote a song with a friend of mine, dedicated to a woman I really hated.
99. My favourite fragrance is Egoiste Platinum by Chanel (for men lol).
100. I’m not too happy about this list, I hope it’s not too boring.

Now, that wasn't too revealing, was it? lol ;)


A Fork said...

Hello! I am so with you on Minidiscs. I knew they wouldn't last, lol

Your list wasn't boring at all! It was interesting finding out a little more about the mysterious Devil Mood :)

enleaver said...

yup you are mysterious alright, girl! well, i am your age, born in the year of 1983!

well your list didn't reveal too much of your background, but i guess it does reveal what you think and feel. i hope you are somewhat comforted thatn i feel the same way too. i don't think i will be able to love anyone else even though they might be interested. and i have always liked guys with broad shoulders like his. brown eyes.

i wonder if you read any of pablo neruda's work. chilean poet, and really quite good and emotional as well. will try reading Florbela Espanca :)

i so get you when you say that love is stronger than pride, cos it definitely is. haha, and i got this advice somewhere on the net. we all must vibrate at a higher frequency to attract the people we want to be with!

so let's just focus on that, girl! :)

oh and before i forget, gosh, your dog is really, really old!!!

Devil Mood said...

Thanks guys :)

Valerene: I know Pablo Neruda but I haven't read anything from him yet. I'll keep that in mind.
So how do we vibrate on a higher frequency? It must have something to do with chakras..That's hard work :)

enleaver said...

lol!!! my indian friends tell me that chakras means wheel, and you can be very much assured that you don't have to be a chakra to vibrate at a higher frequency!

it's about being happy, opinionated and surer of oneself. having people to want to become you.

chakras! haha you almost got me falling off my chair!

Devil Mood said...

I meant chakras as those energy points we have in our bodies. So vibrating has to do with focusing on giving them positive energy, through meditation, I think.

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