Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I haven't always been a fan of Janis Joplin. But then she grew on me. I guess I couldn't really appreciate her music until a certain age: I think I was about 16 or 17 when I started to listen to the lyrics and, by that time, I realized what she was talking about and everything she said was true to me.
I have to love anyone who sung about such intense emotions the way she did. I got drawn to the tragedy and sadness of many of the songs but there's also a light of hope in many of them.
With many of these rock stars, it's easy to think that they wouldn't be a myth if they hadn't died so young. If Janis was still alive I probably wouldn't have heard of these songs or I wouldn't have paid attention to them. Still, it's hard to "let her go" when she only gave so little of what she had inside. I wonder what direction she would have taken in her music, how much more truthful could her lyrics get, how much more she could give (to me).

"Don’t you know when you’re loving anybody, baby,
You’re taking a gamble on a little sorrow,
But then who cares, baby,
‘Cause we may not be here tomorrow, no.
And if anybody should come along,
He gonna give you any love and affection,
I’d say get it while you can, yeah!"


enleaver said...

i've never really been into rock music, and i've never heard of Janis. but it is true that we can learn a lot from the lyrics of songs. i love searching lyrics on the internet cos i feel that i learn quite a lot from them. i'd be reading some lyrics and don't know what they mean, and sometime later, i'd look at those lyrics again, and realized that i do understand them now. weird eh?

how's the fever?

a spoon said...

lovely lyrics. great message held within them also...

Spinning Girl said...

"Me & Bobby McGee"
Just passing thru...

Devil Mood said...

Me and Bobby McGee is my favourite! :) I'M CRAZY about that song!

Anonymous said...

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