Thursday, August 04, 2005

Miss the 90's

We're already in the middle of the 00's so I guess we can start looking back. 1995 was a turning point in my life, I think that's when I became a real teenager. I have really good memories from that time. Maybe I was fed up with being a child because everything started to get more interesting around me.

Good things about the 90s:
- The best music yet, since it was so varied. You can't look back and say: that's music from the nineties", because there were so many trends going on. Everyone could find someone to their taste.
- Fashion got rid of shoulderblades, midi-skirts and brought back a lot of cool stuff from the sixties.
- There was a lot of revivalism in every aspect of culture, that's why it was so rich.
- The Internet became available to a much wider range of people and ended up changing our lives completely.
- People weren't obsessed with mobile-phones and text messages (although I admit they ARE useful)
- There was no such thing as Nu-metal; chains and baggy trousers were only seen in certain sub-cultures lol.
- Britpop ruled!
- A lot of today's teen-idols were unknown and no-one cared about them and we didn't have to see them in every magazine.

Well, that's a very general list. Feel free to add more stuff if you're a fan of the 90s. :)


enleaver said...

hmmm i miss the 90s as well. our innocent days eh? ;P

Devil Mood said...

Yes, many things were a lot more simple! And there wasn't so much information going around and filling our heads with nonsense.