Saturday, September 17, 2005

Music memories

One of my childhood memories with my extended family is to be in the living room all together singing "Luka" by Suzanne Vega. My aunt had that album in vinyl and we'd gather around the sheet with the lyrics and sing along. It's hard not to love music with evenings like these. We'd get really excited, oblivious or ignorant of the fact that the lyrics referred to women being beaten by their was all good :) lol
Frequently it would end in classical music with people dancing the waltz or something more south american - the Lambada was very popular at the you remember? lol


kate ;) said...

Yes, I remeber.. :) Me and my cousin usually made everybody laugh when we started dancing the lambada at every single birthday party... I was about eight and I would never do that now ;)

I wish I had that kind of evenings you had... and dire straits breakfasts too ;)

Devil Mood said...

Oh no, you wouldn't do that now..;)
Dire Straits breakfasts were a little depressing at the time, I still don't like those songs nowadays but they made my parents happier in the morning, lol.

enleaver said...

hmm i remember singing and dancing with my sisters, but with cousins, no. hmmm. must have been lots of fun.

Devil Mood said...

I danced with cousins because I don't have brothers or sisters ;) we have to

Anonymous said...

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