Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pushing it

Another assignement delivered, two exams to go. I studied well this afternoon, thought I deserved a little treat, a little blogging.
I know I'm pushing my luck with so many lyrics in here, but yesterday I was working and I was stunned by a song I heard...Martha Wainwirght AGAIN, she should be arrested for having lyrics like these...

"I'm not such a good lover
I'm a better talker
So when you touch me there
I'm scared that you'll see
Not the way that I don't love you
But the way that I don't love myself" in "TV Show"

That just blew me away, don't ask me why. ;)


A Fork said...

That's a great lyric. Hello you! Hope the studying's all going well :)

Devil Mood said...

Hi! Haven't seen you here for a while! I'm still waiting for my pen :P (kidding) ;)

A Fork said...

Yeah....sorry about that! Been a bit distracted (in a good way!). Hopefully your pen will be winging its way to sunny Portugal sometime soon :)

Devil Mood said...

It's fine, don't worry about it! :)
I know, you've been busy ;)

enleaver said...

wow that is good. we all dislike ourselves to a certain extent eh? sigh.

good luck with those papers dearie!

Devil Mood said...

Valerene, I certainly identified with that song. Thanks, have a good week of holidays :)