Monday, September 05, 2005


I hope ZZZZ is the universal code for sleeping ;)
I did my exam today and it was awful. It was really frustrating, I felt like quitting and everything. Good thing I didn't because I ended up with a few ideas but didn't have time to finish it all. It was one of the most desatrous exams ever but hopefully I won't fail that class because of the work that I did through the year. It's just one of those exams where you have to think of alternatives, create something, analyze the situation and have a mind of your own and I think I forgot mine at home. lol
So now I'm feeling sleepy, a bit frustrated but happy that I have a couple of days to relax.
Today I'm not going to do...anything at all.


A Fork said...

I hated exams like that! Sounds like chilling out is the best option :) Forget all about it til you get your results...

Devil Mood said...

Yes, I'll try, thanks :)
Hey, new picture! :)

A Fork said...

Yeah, I fancied a change :)

enleaver said...

that's a really really nice picture!!! hehehe and funny. well, the exams are over regardless of how u did so just relax now eh?


Devil Mood said...

Thanks Valerene :)
Yes, I love that cat too :)