Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tagged for the very 1st time (sounds like a Madonna song)

I've been tagged to mention 5 songs I'm enjoying at the moment by a spoon.

So let me think...I hope they don't have to be very recent songs.

1. Julie Delphy - A waltz for a night (from the film I mentioned - Before Sunset)
2. the new Rolling Stones' song is nice...
3. Kt Tunstall - Heal Over - I have a feeling I've talked about it before
4. You don't fool me - Queen
5. St. Petersburg - Supergrass

I don't know exactly what I've been doing lately but I listen to lots more music when I'm studying, I guess.
Hey, Valerene, what songs are you enjoying in the other side of the world? ;)


a spoon said...

thanks! and no they didnt have to be recent :)

Chloe said...

i love that song Julie Delpy sings in that awesome music!
and when she tells him
"baby you're gonna miss that plane"
i love that too!

enleaver said...

on this side of the world, i've downloaded james blunt's music video for you're beautiful, and it's quite tragical. he actually committed suicide, if i interpret the video right. i've been listening to tears for fears, tori amos, sara evans, joss stone, eminem, the corrs newest album and some jay sean. any recommendations?

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: it's such a simple song but so sweet, it's a great way to end the film. :)

Val: lol yes that video is a little strange. But why would he take all those things of his pockets if he wanted to kill himself? He would actually drown faster with that weight is his pockets. lol I don't know. Oh tears for fears...that reminds me of my childhood, my cousin had a crush on them lol. You've certainly been listening to a lot of stuff, keep it up! ;)

cereja said...

"You don't fool me". you can't imagine the nostalgia you gave me just now. I totally loved that song and it feels like I never thought of it since... it's so good to remember... thank you!