Saturday, January 21, 2006

My sister says she never dreams at night
There are days when I know why
Those possibilities within her sight
With no way of coming true
Cause some things just don't get through into this world
Although they try

Suzanne Vega - Rosemary

This is the sort of lyrics that takes my breath away. I couldn't imagine my life without dreaming (sleeping and awake). But it's terrifying that someone wouldn't dream because of the remote possibilities of dreams coming true.
In my case, the terrifying thing sometimes is that my dreams do come true. Strange, incoherent dreams gain a new meaning after a while. It's not very common but when it does happen it's a little intimidating.


DayByDay4-2Day said...

My husband just otld me about a dream he had last night. Lets just say it's not one to wish to come true.

Don't you hate it though when you are having a great dream and the alarm goes off. So you snooze it and hope that you can start back were you finished off?

enleaver said...

that is scary. i don't really like dreams unless it's romantic or slightly erotic :P hehehe


LyZa said...

exciting yet scary at the same time. some of mine do come true.

Steve Awesome said...

Have you ever found you can contol dreams and make them take directions your conscious wants them too?

It rarely happens but sometimes... just sometimes it can be very surreal

Devil Mood said...

Daybyday: oh nightmares don't come true, only dreams! :) I'm kidding but, of course, let's hope so. I've tried to continue dreams but it was never the same thing, it lost the spontaneity.

Valerene: Yes, those are the best dreams, of course ;) I'll check out that tag next.

Lyza: it's true but I try not to think of it as scary. I'd rather be an optimist about my visionary abilities.

Esuoh: Are you talking about lucid dreaming? It's a technique where you learn to have dreams awake and you can control them. I never tried but it seems really interesting.

Steve Awesome said...

i dont know if I learned it and i was definbately asleep but aware enough to think this is cool, I wonder what would happen if this changed and it changes. I cant control it however, sometimes it happens as bad things and I create worse case scenarios when i dont want to but know i have done it

Devil Mood said...

Wow, that's crazy :)

Anonymous said...

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