Tuesday, January 24, 2006

News update

My intentions were to do a very nice post with pictures but sadly I can't seem to connect my camera to the PC - very worrying. Will it ever work again?
I've been studying for an exam I'll have on Friday these last few days. This is probably one of the last exams I'll ever do. As stressful as it is, I will miss it if I don't continue studying.
I've also been trying to write something in my free time but I'm lacking ideas. I'm boring, I always end up writing the same kind of things.

I just read this: Maradona hit a woman with a vase. The woman is a former Miss Bora-Bora and was at a restaurant in Bora-Bora when Maradona threw a vase over her head. This man is outrageous. Maybe I should get some ideas from him.


SkyeBlue2U said...

Vase/Madonna/Bora-Bora? That's not boring at all! Hola! I wish I knew how to help you with the camera thing but I'm useless in that dept. Good luck!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

AHHHhh... I wanna see pictures!

fb said...

maybe she burst out of Maradona after the stomach staples starting popping out!

enleaver said...

why not a picture of yourself this time? :D

Steve Awesome said...
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Steve Awesome said...

Oh Devil Mood. I really relate to you. What you consider boring others see as an insight.
Your thoughts are new and fresh to us even if you have thought them before

Devil Mood said...

Skyeblue: the world is full of exciting things, after all! Just a correction, it's Maradona, not Madonna, although she could get into something like that too ;)

Daybyday: I'd like to see pictures too but I don't think there are any..

FB: Who knows what's inside that belly - maybe an Easter egg ;)

Valerene: I did post two pictures of me during Christmastime - you were on vacations, I guess - but I deleted them for security reasons...I don't trust my luck, people will find me lol. But I promise I'll post others soon!

Esuoh: I'm glad you think so. I wouldn't want to bore all of you either! :)