Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tonight I travelled in time...

I was calmly working on my computer, or trying to work and browsing some webpages at the same time...when...a song came up. It was like entering a spaceship and going back in time at the highest speed. I can't even decided whether it was good or bad.

Nothing left to say
And all I've left to do
Is run away from you

Didn't want to lose you once again
Didn't want to be your friend
Fulfilled a promise made of tin
And crawled back to you

I'm all by myself
As I've always felt
And I'll betray myself
To anyone, lost, anyone but you

So let the sadness come again
On that you can depend on me, yeah
Until the bitter, bitter end of the world, yeah
When god sleeps in bliss

Soma - The Smashing Pumpkins


Cathy said...

Ths tune isn't coming across in my mind; must check it out....
Take Care.

Devil Mood said...

Okay, Cathy, just don't get too depressed over it ;)