Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Me vs. Proust - round 2

(this is a postcard I made a few weeks ago to send someone through postcrossing)
What is your most marked characteristic?
I'm...indecisive. Truly.

What if your favourite color?
Green had become an addiction to my eyes.

What is your favourite flower?
Tulips because it's an elegant and subtle flower.

What is your favourite bird?
The swallow.

Who is your favourite prose writer?
Kate Atkinson and Lucia Extebarria.

Who is your favourite poet?
Florbela Espanca and Fernando Pessoa.

What is it you most dislike?
It's really hard to say but I really don't like stereotypes and people that fall into categories, in general.

What is your least likeable quality?
Can a quality be dislikeable? I don't get it.

What historical figure do you most despise?
I wouldn't be human if I didn't say Hitler.

What event in military history do you most admire?
The independence of East Timor in 1999, many many lives were lost and sadly couldn't see their country becoming independent.

What reform do you most admire?
The French Revolution: freedom, equality and fraternity.

What natural gift would you most like to possess?
I'd like to be more creative.

How would you like to die?
Happy or at least with a clean conscience.

What is your present state of mind?
Amazed and exhausted by the Chelsea-Barcelona 2nd half - what a game...

What is your motto?
Love is stronger than pride. (brilliant finish! lol)


Cathy said...

Brilliant list!
More creative? You already are!

Chloe said...

another tulip woman!
I like Pessoa too.
oh and i watched the Barcelona-Chelsea game last night. Don't ask me, i didn't understand a thing.

kimananda said...

Eu adoro Florbela Espanca. Muito. :-)

Maddy said...

"Can a quality be dislikeable?
-I don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Loved your answers - going to
look up those poets now.


Connie and Rob said...

Wonderful list!
Your postcard that you made is beautiful.


Devil Mood said...

Cathy: Maybe a little but I'd like to be more, more, more! lol

Chloe: he he I couldn't think of any other flower and tulips are really elegant. Pessoa is wondefully complex. I don't think there's much to understand about football, what I enjoy is the emotion and the competetivity - I might have an excess of testosterone in me..:P

Kimananda: Eu também :) But it's so sad - only suitable for certain moments.

Madelyn: I think you'll like them. Pessoa is the greatest portuguese poet - well, actually he's a lot of poets because he had a lot of heteronyms. Florbela is probably the most famous female poet over here - she had a very tragic life and her poems are a reflection of that.

Connie: Thank you. I'd be happy to send you a card if you like :)

Steve Awesome said...

I enjoyed the match. I thought Del Horno deserved to go and cant see what the fuss is about. I think Chelsea still stand an outside chance at Camp Nou

Maddy said...

Sorry...forgot...LOVE the picture.

Devil Mood said...

Esuoh: it was a good game, despite not many chances of goal. I have to admit Mourinho is a bad loser but maybe the red card was a bit too harsh. Anyway, it's easy to lose against an attack with Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Messi and Larsson. I can't believe they were all playing at the same time..

Madelyn: Don't worry ;) I'm glad you like it.