Friday, February 03, 2006

Spring day

You wouldn't believe the weather today - I was sunbathing in my balcony and it was 22 degrees, in the shadow. I couldn't stay there for long because it was too hot. lol It's unbelievable. Yesterday I saw a tradition in Philadelphia (via Sky News), with a name I can't remember (sorry!) where they take an animal, probably a badger (I'm really bad at animal names in english), and if they (I don't know who exactly) see a shadow it means the winter will continue for 6 more weeks, if they don't spring will come earlier. They saw the shadow.
Coincidentally here in Portugal it was the day of one of the many many virgin Marys and there is a very similar tradition. If it is sunny, the winter will continue, if it rains Spring will come. I can't really conclude anything because it was sunny in the morning but eventually rained in the evening...Anyway, if there is a shadow, it means it is sunny so it's the same tradition. It's really amazing to see the same principle in both pagan and religious rituals.

Later, I got a lovely package from Chloe with a CD "for working" and 2 postcards from Greece. It made me smile and cry at the same time - she's such an angel. How did she know Klimt was one of my favourite painters? :) (sorry for the bad quality of the photo - it's my old camera, and it only works connected to the computer - I hate it)

So far it's been a really good day, despite not having done a single thing of what I had planned. But that's me!


fb said...

Huh? Do you have to carry the computer with you if you wsant to take pictures outside? ;)

22 sounds good to me...I could go for a walk then or would I say its too hot to go for a walk!

Devil Mood said...

Yes and that's not very nice since I'm not talking about a laptop! I don't know why my other camera isn't working.
I wouldn't say too hot, it's probably great for a walk but without the winter jacket and other acessories.

Chloe said...

i love Klimt. I'm glad you liked it.
It was hot today here too.
Save your tears for the next package. I'm going to post a picture of me in Sounion. and these won't be tears of joy my friend. :)

Cathy said...

Sweet Chloe...
And we have this tradition here; Groundhog Day, and the saying I have for it is Hogwash; let me know if you need a translation..

DayByDay4-2Day said...

We were having unseasonably warm weather for winter here, but today things took a turn. It's snowing and the forcast 6-8 inches.

Devil Mood said...

Hi all! :)
I'm just testing because I've been posting comments that don't show up. I'm sorry if I'm not answering you just yet (I already have, to be fair)

Devil Mood said...

Ok, I think this might be working now.

Chloe: lol We'll see about that! I look forward to that picture.

Cathy: That's it. I've looked it up in Wikipedia and got more informed. So groundhog is the name of the animal. But why hogwash? :)

Daybyday: Hmm..seems like things are getting back to normal over there, for now :)

Anonymous said...

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