Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This isn't a recommendation!

I found this a while ago and it's hilarious! Chelsea do need to make money, considering the millions of pounds of losses they had this year. This is a fun way to make money. Some of the musical choices made me laugh so much...I think they chose the first song they could think of.

1. Milkshake-Kelis [Shaun Wright-Phillips]
2. So Amazing-Luther Vandross [John Terry] - I just don't see him listening to that...
3. Fools Gold-Stone Roses [Ricardo Carvalho] - now, that's someone with a musical knowledge.
4. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)-Jay Z [Michael Essien]
5. In My Arms-Mylo [Paulo Ferreira]
6. Gold-Spandau Ballet [Joe Cole] - I like that song but are you serious?
7. Let's Get it On-Marvin Gaye [Robert Huth] - uhh, soul man!
8. You Make Me Wanna-Usher [Lenny Pidgley]
9. All My Life-KC & Jo Jo [Eidur Gudjohnsen] - oh, that's so tacky.
10. I See You Baby-Groove Armada [Carlo Cudicini] - now this one I can picture...
11. Back & Forth-Aailyah [Didier Drogba]
12. I Believe I Can Fly-R Kelly [Petr Cech] - oh nooo!
13. Stuck On You-Lionel Richie [Frank Lampard] - I can't believe this!
14. Joxer Goes To Stuttgart-Christy Moore [Damien Duff] - is this girl irish? I don't know her.
15. Seven Days In Sunny June-Jamiroquai [Hernan Crespo] - I'd like to see him at a Jamiroquai concert, he'd have a good time.
16. California Waiting-Kings Of Leon [Asier Del Horno] - tough guy.
17. You're Makin' Me High-Toni Braxton [Geremi]
18. Breathe-Blu Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul [Lassana Diarra]
19. The Final Countdown-Europe [Arjen Robben] - could you get a little tackier?
20. Run To You-Bryan Adams [Jose Mourinho] - ha ha


fb said...

I have no idea who Lenny Pidgley (number 8) is!

Do you think Carlo Cudicini gets job satisfaction?

He's still considered one of the best goalkeepers in the Premiership and could probably walk straight into a starting spot for any other club but he persists in staying at Chelsea. OK I know he still gets paid and all but wouldn't you feel a bit crappy at not playing all the time...

Devil Mood said...

FB: I think Pidgley plays or played for the reserves.
Didn't Cudicini extend his contract recently? That must mean he doesn't think it's so bad but I think it must be really frustrating. I agree, he could play for any great team - he must enjoy living in London or something.

Cathy said...

soccer meets music....????

Stephanie said...

I am happy that they're good a sports, as the musical taste is...

It is the same here, and ALSO, we have several Red Sox players who insist that they are in fact musicians themselves :)

Devil Mood said...

Cathy: apparently it does ;)

Stephanie: Now that's something I'd like to see (and laugh at)! Why aren't some people satisfied that they're good at one thing and want to do everything else?

Steve Awesome said...

apparently Beck did one for the Villa team called Loser

Devil Mood said...

Esuoh: don't be like that! I watched the game last night and they played well. I was happy when they scored :)

Steve Awesome said...

I have a secret. But I feel guilty when I used it for my dad and then for things like football. Perhaps its a gypsy curse

fb said...

So which temas do you support?

Devil Mood said...

Esuoh: gypsy? It goes well with your nickname - nevets sounds like something gypsy. Ok, don't overdo your secret "thing".

FB: In Portugal (and all over the world) it's F.C. Porto. he he And when half my team moved to Chelsea I started to support Chelsea as well, I'm afraid. ;P But I've always liked Liverpool, despite the fact that they're red ;)

Anonymous said...

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