Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Minor expectations

March is already here and Spring is all around.
The scary prospect of ending University is getting nearer everyday and with it the question...What am I going to do next? I should be happy because, in theory, I could do anything after the graduation. It's a freedom, but a freedom with many chains. The first question would be: what do I want to do? And here starts the trouble...I don't know.
I'm going to appeal to your personal experience: what did you do when you left school/university/whatever? Or what do you plan to do (in case you're still there)?


Cathy said...

just keep going...I ended up with a PhD! :)

fb said...

Went to film school after University, then worked for the film school...

Maddy said...

Worked in the film industry-
started a portrait business -
went back to art school for fun-
and travelled lots in between-
fell in love - fell out of love-
back in love again - got a dog-
a bunny - cats - bought a cute
old triple e trailer and made
it hippy cute...just lived my
life and still do to the fullest!

Chloe said...

kept going, did an MA, then worked at a language school, then opened my own language school, then sold it and started writing for magazines and portals etc.
I mean, it's a process that never really ends :) don't worry so much xx

Steve Awesome said...

I dont want to put pressure on you but I did nothing and drifted because I also didnt know what I wanted to do. Now im in a shitty low paid job with no prospects, doing late hours and not using any of the qualifications i gained. Please make up your mind what you want to do and go for it. Don't end up like me

Stephanie said...

I went straight to work at an amazing job. If you had asked me back then where I'd be in 5 years, I could have told you in a, I'm not so sure.

devil mood and nevets... that can happen at any time in your life. I'm going throught it too right now. I think you need to keep figuring it out again and again and just keep moving forward. Life's a constant process. Boy, I think maybe I need to listen to my own advice here :)

baggycat said...

yup. your whole life flashes in front of you, and you just don't know what you really want at all. sucks.

Devil Mood said...

Cathy: you should be proud (you probably are). I don't know if I'll have the patience to study any more...of course I will, who am I kidding?

FB: So the course you took at University wasn't related to film?

Madelyn: Wow, wow! I admire you. I was just watching the film Closer (for the 3rd time...) and she also did portraits for a living :)

Chloe: You're right, it's not an end. What worries me is that it should be a beginning.

Steve: You shouldn't thing like that, the opportunities don't dissapear from one moment to the other. You can still do something else, if you really want to. You've mentioned some job opportunities before so it's not a dead end.

Stephanie: you're right, we have to make decisions everyday, not just once or twice in our lives. Some moments we're more sure of what we want than others, you'll probably just "browsing" right now.

Baggycat: Finally someone who understands me ;) I hope I can find my way out of that blur :) Thanks for dropping by.