Thursday, March 23, 2006


A whole week of rain is strange enough over here...But insistent rain and wind for more than a day non-stop is driving people insane.
I had to get two cabs today to go to the University, despite it not being too far from my house. The wind was so strong no umbrellas could resist it and people would walk in the rain without them, all soaked to their bones, their hair glued to their heads and cursing the damned rain. It was actually a little funny, if you didn't have many places to go to.
So, after surviving the rain, I only feel like staying home and dry, watching every tiny bit of film and tv show I planned to watch the whole week.

On other notes, FC Porto are in the final of the portuguese Cup, after beating Sporting in a penalty shoot-out. The game was very thrilling and emotional, as it is a derby, or a classic, as people call it. It's not often you get to see the teams taking penalties and it was really exciting, considering the rivalry between the clubs. It was also great to see that Vitor Baia is still the best goalkeeper in Portugal ha ha :) In terms of the Cup itself, it isn't very prestigious, it's a second rate title compared to the Championship but the team celebrated as if they'd won something big. That's the spirit, folks!


enleaver said...

it rained here today too :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

What movies are you plannign on watching. Perhaps you can give us a rating after you watch them??

fb said...

Vitor Baia is still playing! He's still convinced somebody that he's a goalkeeper ;) Who is Portugal's No. 1?

Ha ha, Liverpool scored 15 goals in their last three games...why they couldn't score one against Benfica is still a mystery though!

It's a shame you couldn't take pictures of wet and windy Porto.

London, its been sunny but the wind is still chilly.

omm said...

Well, but rain is very needed in this part of the world; it's been raining in Madrid as well and I am thanking for it every moment I remember what a blessing it is.

Devil Mood said...

Valerene: I guess that's was just too much over here.

Day: Of course I will. I just finished watching a british film called "I want you" - it was alright.

FB: Baia is at his prime, trust me! But Scolari never selected him to play for Portugal, he prefers Ricardo - remember the one that saved and scored against England? ;)
See, I knew Liverpool would get back in shape!
I have this theory that whenever it's sunny in London it's rainy over here. It usually is.

Devil Mood said...

Omara: You're right and I've been thanking the rain as well. I actually feel really happy when it rains nowadays but today I couldn't go anywhere without getting soaked :P

Meow said...

Wow, send the rain to us here in Melbourne Australia ... boy do we need it.
Take care, stay dry, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Meow: Unfortunately the weather is out of control everywhere. We need the rain over here too, that's why I'm actually happy that it's raining so much :)

Stephanie said...

We've had mixed weather here. Spring will arrive, then retreat...and the weather people are always confused. Baseball season's nearly here though :) It's really the only sport I follow. Oh - we traded the Rock Star Pitcher though.

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: I think "the weather" always wants to be a topic of conversation. It's exciting when a new season starts but frightening when the players change, I know :) Good luck!

kimananda said...

Is Baia really in his prime? Cause the last time I watched him play, even I could tell he was not up to par, and I'm hardly the football expert. On the other hand, he was my first football celebrity crush (I then switched my affections to Rui Costa, but that's another story).

And it's funny to hear you talk about rain. The stereotype in Lisbon is that the weather in Porto is always like that. At least that's what they would tell's never experienced it myself.

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: Really? You had a crush on Baia and Rui Costa? That's incredibly interesting ;)
Baia had a bad phase about 4 years ago but he's really good now, trust me!
I know about that Lisbon stereotype and it might have been true once but in the last few years the weather has become a lot more dry over here and the temperatures are similar to those in Lisbon. But they still think otherwise! ;P