Sunday, March 12, 2006

There goes the catwalk

To be honest, I'm getting a little tired of blogging at the moment: I can't post my own pictures (the connection PC-camera is off), I'm too focused on work to have any brilliant ideas to write, even this black template is boring me (again!).
I should really take my mind off things today but this week is crucial, essencial, difficult! I can't wait 'til Friday comes, as much as I hate saying this.
So why the fashion picture? I wanted to be a top model when I was a teenager. LOL I thought that was one hell of a life, I wanted to travel and be pampered and speak French. That was back in the nineties when most models (however thin they were) were still beautiful and you could see WHY they were top-models; the clothes were amazing, everything was FAB :)
Nowadays looking at a fashion magazine, the models seem to have lost their glamour; actresses are much much nicer than models, you see models that look like people you meet in the bus ... (this should be a good thing but fashion is all about dream and not reality, in my opinion). And the clothes aren't that pretty. Fashion lost its enchantment for me. I'm glad I was a teenager in the 90s.
I can't believe I had all this to say about fashion :P
(the picture is from the Lisbon Fashion Week, Victor Rego the designer - never heard of him)


enleaver said...

oh i love fashion too. been watching america's next top model religiously :P and even tried watching germany's next top model in german which i couldn't understand at all. hehehe.

Devil Mood said...

Valerene: lol I'm sure it's better when you understand it but you get to see the clothes anyway ;)

Maddy said...

I get very silly and like to do
the "catwalk-walk" on the dance
floor. And after my "spin" my
date has disappeared.

Devil Mood said...

Madelyn: lol That's a little dangerous!

Cathy said...

Devil Mood;
I am feeling very bored of blogging right now as well; I'm with you! :)

omm said...

Blogging sometimes is like everything in life: question of keeping up on it when we don't manage to see further, then after some time you re-discover it and it gets better, really. Don't hand up like in Madonna's last song please.

I guess you are right about fashion, but it seems that you are referring to prêt-a-porter; haut-couture is still fabulous -have a look at last Dolve&Gavanna's long dressed for instance-. The future of fashion as I have been told by insiders is going to be tech-fashion anyway: clothes with microchips that make stuff for us and so on. Computing and fashion are going to interact like never before so don't give up on blogging neither! Also I am sure fashion designers will inspire on blogging soon ;-)

And well, when I see most of today's models there is one thing that comes to my mind: not glamour but slimming pills and sickness...they are too skinny it's unrealistic. So today seems like you don't need to "suffer to be pretty"; you need to almost kill yourself.

enleaver said...

as tyra banks would say, strut it and work it, baby!

kimananda said...

Gotta say, no clue about fashion, and it probably shows!

Good luck with your crucial week! Friday will come before you know it. :-)

kimananda said...

By the way, just re-reading that last comment...that's me who has no clue about fashion, o.k.? Just so there's no confusion!

Connie and Rob said...

I have to agree with you. The models right now just have a rough emaciated look. The beauty is gone.


Steve Awesome said...

I modelled once. I got £50 for a party that needed male models

fb said...

That's cool...walk around take in the sights, watch people and then come back and report!? ;)

Stephanie said...

Me too! Tired of blogging, that is. Right this second, anyway.
I always wanted to be a rock star :)

Chloe said...

let's all quit blogging together.
no, i'm joking.
but if all of you are bored i might have to find new readers. i'm a comments junkie.
But seriously, don't feel you have to update every day. It's not a 9-5 job although sometimes you do need 8 hours to go through your blogroll :)xxxxxxx

Devil Mood said...

Cathy: As people usually say: this too will pass, I think. One of these days some amazing thing will happen and we'll need to blog about it right away :)

Omara: I won't hang up, I'm more patient than Madonna - and you're right, it's a blog phase. ;) High tech fashion sounds interesting but I still prefer the big dresses from haute couture, you mentioned. Models today look like children, with big faces and round eyes - I want my role models to be women, not kids..

Valerene: Tyra Banks is a good old top-model - but still looking great, of course!

Kimananda: lol I got it, don't worry. Well, Monday's passed already and it was one of the tougher days :)

Connie: As I was saying to Omara, I don't want those pale faces to be my role models. We'll have to find the beauty in ourselves and that should be positive!

Nevets: Really? That's a good deal :) Could you have fun at the party or was it boring?

FB: I really need to see some sights. Lately I feel like I've been between the same four walls.

Stephanie: I wanted to be a rock star too, I wanted a band like Hole ;) But soon my inner CALM self emerged.

Chloe: I'm not bored of other people's blogs, just my own, although today it's been fun in here ;) I'm confident I'll feel more urges to post sooner or later.

Steve Awesome said...

nah i only had to do 5 mins, messed around a bit back stage and then mingled. It was a good time to money earning thing but was very low key. Its amazing what you can do if you ask the right people. I got paid £70 for walking passed some people in a British soap called Hollyoaks.. Extras pays well.

Devil Mood said...

Nevets: Wow, I should do that for a living, sounds like my kind of thing ;)