Sunday, March 19, 2006


(actually, yummy only in theory cause it look like it's made of play-doh - very unhealthy!)

Over here in Portugal it's Father's Day today. It's a little silly that days like these aren't the same all over the world but...whatever.

It's also Chloe's birthday (it still is over here in the GMT timetable ;) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)
My Grandmother has been getting gradually better. She's out of the coma, she's talking, she's in a good mood, she wants to go home from hospital and everything, so I guess miracles do happen. She's still very weak and in intensive care but the outlook is much much better right now. Thanks for your support and thoughts, I really appreciate it.


Cathy said...

Great news about your grandmother! funny, I almost posted that exact same photo for Chloe, but then I couldn't post photos until late today and by then I knew it would be the end of the day in Greece...

DayByDay4-2Day said...

That is great news!

Fathers day?? Your right it is strange to think that others celebrate such things on different days. Ours is not until June.

Maddy said...

Happy for your grandmother!
Lovely cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kimananda said...

That is wonderful news about your grandmother! And what a wonderful cake...imagine if there were a real, edible cake that looked like that...could be cool, actually!

franc said...

In Spain yesterday was also Fathers Day and we "move" the holiday to today. Good thing to have holiday on Monday.

About your Grandmother: really good news!!! Another thing to celebrate today!.

Steve Awesome said...

woo hoo fantastic news, recoveries, birthdays, days for thanking people and showing gratitude.
I got a feeling spring is gonna be a good season

fb said...

You know she's doing well when she wants to go home!

Devil Mood said...

Cathy: Everybody loves google ;) My blogger hasn't been letting me post pictures either but I keep insisting. :P

Day: I think it should probably be on St. Joseph's day everywhere but it isn't.

Madelyn: Wow, you're very excited, aren't you? he he :)

Kimananda: Then people would have to convince me that it wasn't all made of Es and things that are unhealthy - then I'd eat it :)

Franc: Thanks for dropping by! Actually I was wondering if it was Father's day is Spain too. I'm curious: why is it a holiday today over there? :)

Esuoh: If only I didn't have to work on that dump...Spring would be a blessing. Today I got soaked walking home, it's been raining a lot!

FB: Yes, definitely, that's the best sign :)

fb said...

I did go to the game and did want to post about it while its still kind of fresh in my mind but if I do I fear my latest creation will get missed...but I will post about the game soon. Ha ha Chelski lost! Sorry couldn't help it ;)

Devil Mood said...

FB: oh okay :) I didn't really mind, to be honest, I like Fulham too lol

Meow said...

Fabulous news about your grandmother. I bet you feel heaps better knowing she is on the mend.
Our Father's Day is not until September ... I wonder why these days are not the same the world over ???
Have a great day, take care, Meow

Chloe said...

thank you Devil! What a nice cake :)
Give your grandmother a hug from me. Great news xxxx

Devil Mood said...

Meow: I wonder about that too...Thanks for your support :)

Chloe: You're welcome! :)