Monday, April 03, 2006


God, it was hot today!

From night to day, it became semi-summer over here. It was 7:30 in the afternoon and it was 25 degrees! Can't say that I'm too happy about it because I don't deal very well with heat, I get a little wobbly, but it was a really beautiful day and I can get rid of the winter coats once and for all.
This week is going to be a little stressful (again) but the good news is...afterwards I get 2 weeks off! It'd be wonderful to go somewhere different, but I'd be happy just enjoying the free time. Meanwhile, the trees are getting full of leaves, the flowers have blossomed and blossomed, birds are singing, people have that spring feeling about them.
Song of the moment: Loaded by Primal Scream - "we wanna be free, to do what we wanna do; and we wanna get loaded and we wanna have a good time" - you want too many things, mister!


Meow said...

Yay, warmer weather ... I am so happy for you. 25 isn't too bad, nice pleasant temperature. Getting to 30 and over is hot ... not real keen on that.
It's interesting talking to other bloggers, to see which countries use Fahrenheit, and which use Celcius. We use Celcius, as you appear to too. It gets confusing, to me, when I read F temps ... that's when I need my converter !!
Hope your week goes well.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Meow: Yes, the temperature was pleasant, the trouble was I was wearing winter clothes and it's was too much. But today is fresher.
I can never understand the fahrenheit scale, except when it reaches 100 degrees ;)I need that converter too. Have a good week :)

kimananda said...

O.K., Ms. Mood and attention as there will be a quiz later. Keep in mind that this won't give totally precise results, but workable ones, which is what counts.

To go from Farenheit to Celcius: subtract 30 from the number, and divide the result in half. So 100F-30=70, 70/2=35C.

To go from Celcius to Farenheit: double the temperature, and add 30 to the result. So, 25Cx2=50+30=80F. Which is pretty hot, in my opinion.

For what it's worth, after 10 plus years in Celcius land, I still have to do these conversions. All the time. Kilos, Meters, those I can deal with. But Celcius is mystifying.

Steve Awesome said...

Im sorry its nothing to do with the post but from fb's comments I think Man Utd can catch Chelsea and if they keep wobbling may over take them. Then again i think Villa are gonna win both thier derbies against West Brom and Birmingham over the next fortnight

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: Thanks! It gets a lot simpler that way, I shall be using that formula. In terms of the other measurements, I'm also useless with pounds and ounces etc...I can't more or less calculate miles :P

Nevets: I can see you're very optimistic ;) I think Chelsea are going to get back on track, they can deal with pressure (I think). When it comes to Villa..things haven't been too happy lately but it can all change!