Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Some time off from the pressure would be nice

Hey, I just saw Tom Cruise's baby (for real!! - on Vanity Fair) and she really looks like her mother. She's a cute baby.
God, my blog is reaching a new low...mentioning Tom Cruise's name (twice now) was never on my plans, he really annoys me.

I've been busy still working on my papers and will keep it up until the end of the month. It's boring, frustrating and ... boring (so boring, I can't find another adjective to describe it). Apart from that, music has been making the usual damage on me, nothing I can't handle. Sophie (again you inspire me) was talking about romanticism and the idea of princes and there's a lot I could say about that, but for now I'll just like to mention that I've elected the most romantic song ever and it's Bryan Adams' "Have you ever really loved a woman?" - would you like to impeach the election?

But right now I'm really enjoying the new Scissor Sisters' song :)

Meanwhile there's another earthquake in portuguese football: the championship is in danger of not going forward, the portuguese teams are in danger of not playing internationally, the referees have been bribed forever, no one does nothing about it, the chairmen are also corrupt, the federation doesn't take the blame for anything that happens. This is a total mess. Sometimes I wish they'd send everybody to prison and start over - a clean break.


Scholiast said...

What? Just like the Italian footballers? Really - can't you guys do anything original? ;)

So, England is the best team in the world, just taking away the corrupt referees... (I know, you might have expected me to say "Norway" but I'm not daft.. Besides, I always cheer for England!)

kimananda said...

I want that chair...right now, hanging in my office. It's total chaos, and I need a break, too!

And Portuguese football, corrupt? ;-) When I lived in Lisbon, I always heard that it was just Porto...and that isn't a statement meant to provoke, it's really what people said...and I always thought it sounded a bit fishy (after all, why just Porto?) O.K., I'm off to look this up in DN, I'll leave you with a :-o for the football, and a :-) for you!

Steve Awesome said...

havent heard about what is happening in Portugal but FIFA would be silly to stop everything.

I reckon things will just be delayed and there will be a heavy wrist slapping

fb said...

They'll just have to double the amount of Premiership games on TV for you then!

The other thing I find mildly disturbing is how its gambling and alcohol companies that are sponsoring teams on their shirts...

I hope Portugese teams will be allowed to stay in the Champions League too! It already it seems weird without Juventus in it.

sophie said...

Tom Cruise. is a weirdo i think.
But more importantly -
he can't act:(
(mean maddy today)

I love that Bryan Adams song!!!

great photo:)

Devil Mood said...

Scholiast: We've been doing it way before the italians but the justice doesn't work in this country. But that doesn't mean our teams aren't good, it's not the players fault so..I'm still saying Portugal are better than England and Norway, by the way ;) We have to be good at something, you know...

Kimananda: I loved that chair too, I saw it in a design store. It seems that it isn't just Porto but they do it too, apparently. But of course, people from Lisbon love to say those things ;)

Steve: FIFA is very silly! I don't think it's gonna come to that but maybe it should because some Fifa rules suck.

FB: I think they already have: for instance on saturday, I get to see 4 or 5 games from the premiership - I won't but it's nice to know. I think it's all about the money these days...

Sophie: I agree, he's really strange. It's a relaxing photo, I think.

Cathy said...

I share your annoyance over Tom Cruise (but I still want to get Vanity Fair asap).

I love that swinging chair: is it your photo?...I could curl up in that with a good book!

Take care!

Christopher said...

Tom Cruise *Shudder*

He's all kinds of creepsome

Devil Mood said...

Cathy: Yes, it's my photo, I took it in Esposende when I was there last week. it's very sixties :)

Chris: Yes, poor guy...

Meow said...

Tom Cruise's baby sure has Katie's eyes !!
Oooooh, wish I had that wonderful hanging chair ... how nice it would be to sit and swing and read .... bliss.
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Meow: Yes, I think the baby is just like her mother. I may have to buy a bunch of those chairs for everyone in here :)