Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yesterday, I was in this little town by the seaside, called Esposende. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures of the sea but here's some of the city center.

Nice house!

A central square. The floor is the most typical thing about it.

The city museum now, but it used to be the Theatre.

Above: the city hall.

And: I bought a pair of shoes that made me immensely happy. It's silly. I never thought I'd become one of those women lol


DayByDay4-2Day said...

you took some really nice photos!
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

beautiful people, but where are the people? with the return of the college students to boston, i would love to go to a place with no people! - Stephanie (giantwow)
(can't log in to comment on non-beta blogs right now. they say it'll be fixed soon!)

sophie said...

Gorgeous photo's but i would love
to see a pix of the shoes as well-
or even just one:)

Devil Mood said...

Day: The place is nicer than the photos.

Stephanie: I tried to avoid photographing people because they weren't my interest in that moment. But, to be honest, there weren't many either, must've been at the beach.

Sophie: Sure, I thought of doing that too. Check this space!

Gwen said...

Hi Devil Mood
Just viewed your blog the pictures
were greatof Esposende.
I cant belive my travels since i joined the blog team.

Christopher said...

I'm buying that place.

fb said...

You bought football boots didn't you?! ;)

Devil Mood said...

Gwen: Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you could travel through my blog - that's why I post pictures.

Chris: Not for sale, at the moment ;)

Fb: I'm afraid not, although I've seen some that look quite nice.