Friday, October 13, 2006

Excuse the crooked photo

Give me the first taste
Let it begin, heaven cannot wait forever
Darling just start the chase
I'll let you win but you must make the endeavor
(Fiona Apple)

Do you often start writing a post not knowing what you want to write about? Sometimes it happens to me and gives me a certain sense of uncontrol - anything can happen when I'm faced with a keyboard and a blank screen. Well, not anything - to be honest, I wish I could write more freely, not in my blog specifically, but especially in my personal writing. But the pen always takes a certain road, or a certain number of very specific roads...not "allowing" me to be creative enough. I should try one of those methods of automatic writing or whatever...letting go of the control over your hand. Sounds scary but interesting.

Over here it's still late summer: 24 degrees, impossibly hot sun and very pleasant breeze. The light is different now - it has now a more yellow tone, very autumnal - and when the sun fades it gets really chilly. I've been reading a lot, knitting (and I've already sold my first scarf ha ha :), listening to a lot of Fiona Apple - I love her music, it was a bit hard for me to start listening but then it's addictive and ... major, serious music!

My hands smell of onions ... I cooked noodles with vegetables and mushrooms for lunch. Sometimes I'm just like a housewife and I actually enjoy some of it. Crazy me.


Anonymous said...

The photo doesn't look crooked to me :)

Sometimes what scares me most about making anything is that first blank page. What if nothing comes out? What if it always stays blank?

It is getting cooler here, and I'm finally able to wear that silly skull scarf I had tried to make for LAST fall and finally finished this past spring :)

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: Yes, sometimes the blank is scary...Oh good, I remember that scarf and I think you'll look very cool in it :)

sophie said...

What a beautiful door - I love
photo's of doors and windows.

I need some new recipes to get
me insired in the kitchen again.
The computer is far more
interesting to me:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I tried to post yesterday, and couldn't...but it seems to be working this time. However, I can't remember what I wrote (the lost posts are always the most profound, I find.) I do know it included the quote (which I can never quite remember, but I'll try anyway), 'how can I know what I think until I see what I have said'. That's the reason to write without knowing what you want to write about. :-)

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: It is quite charming this door. I likethe contrast. I'm very bad with recipes, I always cook the same thing and it's always from the top of my head/inspiration.

Kimananda: That's a lovely quote. Who said that? Writing a great way to know thy-self (this is my first attempt of old english writing!)