Monday, December 11, 2006

Good stuff

- Woody Allen's Scoop - it's really great! His best in a few years, if you're into his comic films. It includes a lot of great stuff: magician shows, mystery, suspense, murder, an american girl named SOndra (lol), Woody's stammering. He really made my weekend - I love Woody!

- Warm clothes when Winter knocks on your door.

- Mail: sending it and getting it - the whole big wheel of written communication.

- That 70's show - I know it's over and gone but I'm only watching this now and I can't help but love it - it's so stupidly funny. Especially when they gather around the table and have the stupidest chats after getting high...But I have to say, I love the parents better, they're truly groovy.

- Hot soup.

- Jupiter's Return (meaning: when Jupiter returns to its original place in your birth chart - happens once every 12 years or so and it usually means rewards and new beginnings)

- Magazines to read over breakfast, if you're lucky enough not to be in a hurry in the morning.

- Stupid but short posts like this, when people are too lazy or unable to make a coherent one!

- Song of the day: Solitary Man by Johnny Cash - I never imagined folk and me could get along so well...


sophie said...

I really loved scoop -
and it was fun because woody
was so rumpled-adorable and
i love when he sniggles at his
own jokes - and i loved how he
recycled many lines from previous
films -
like...."it's been a sincere sensation"


holychaos said...

love mail,too

That 70's Show... my sons and I started watching it this summer. you're right it is stupidly funny... now tgey are into Seinfeld re-runs.

winter hardly ever knocks on my door here.

i saw a biography special on Johnny Cash. i enjoyed watching it. He was pretty cool.

btw,since you like cosmetics stuff, i have a new fav... a foundation brush. i have to wear foundation and the brush really makes a big difference in the way my skin looks and i do not have to use as much foundation.

Meow said...

Mmmm, hot soup, warm clothes in Winter, magazines with breakfast, mail ... so nice.
Hope you are having a great week.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: I hadn't noticed that, "from the bottom of my heart, you are a credit to your race" lol It was so funny!

Holychaos: Thanks for the tip! Seinfeld was one of the basis of my teenage years, I knew it by heart.
I could do without Winter feet are so cold :(

Meow: Makes a difference from down under, doesn't it? :) Have a great week yourself!

Chloe said...

warm clothes, how i miss them. we had an awful sunny spell that lasted for a month here. but it rained today, so all is well. you can't watch Woody when it's sunny. xxx

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: oh really? I miss the sun, it's been shy over here. Perfect for Woody's films in London!

lady miss marquise said...

I loved Scoop too, I've got a huge soft spot for Hugh Jackman.

And I couldn't comment on your 80's video, I remember going to the local youth club and dancing to that over and over (I love it!)

Anonymous said...

I love lists of good stuff. :-)

Devil Mood said...

LadyMiss: ha-ha gotcha there! ;)

Kim: I'm glad and it's good for the soul - thinking of the nice things we like.