Monday, December 25, 2006

The sights of Christmas


Stephanie said...

Merry Christmas!!!

--Sunrise-- said...

sigh... AWESOME!!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful time... just been watching a bit of Home Alone and got reminded of your blog lol...

sophie said...

Great pix - love the perching
Santa on the lovely cupboard.



more hugs!!

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: Thanks and same to you!

Sunrise: Cool, I love that film hehe :)

Sophie: I didn't photograph the food quick enough and everything got eaten really fast! lol Hugs to you too!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Very pretty.

My husband said we need more red. I just picked up some red garland.

Merry Christmas

holychaos said...

beautiful Christmas trre and your table is very nice! do you mind telling me what you served?

[a} said...

Merry xmas..
I love your template btw.

Devil Mood said...

Day: Still celebrating? That's my girl! :)

Holychaos: We had the traditional Xmas dinner in Portugal which is bacalhau (sort of a dry-salted-cod) boiled and served with all kinds of boiled things: potatoes, egg, onions, carrots, some kinds of cabagge...everything with a taste of olive oil - all very mediterranean and very healthy :)

A: thanks! merry christmas to you!