Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What I want for Christmas

Chloe tagged people to do their Christmas list and although I don't have many things I want to ask, I thought it would be a good occasion to start thinking.

The fun part:
- I need skirts! I can't find any that I like - most of them are more like belts!
- I need a new electrical toothbrush because mine's broken and of those things with dental floss that look so much easier to use than regular floss...
- I want Body Shop's Cucumber Cleansing Milk to wipe the day off my face before I go to bed.
- I've noticed that I don't have any more space to put my Cds - I probably need to rent a room somewhere...or maybe get a new shelf on the wall...(wait, this isn't really a present!)
- I want the Alice in Wonderland book - I've told people about this so I'm hoping I'll get it. (it's only 3,99 at Fnac lol)

The less fun bit:
- I can't think of much else I'd like, Christmas is fun and I-so-miss it when it was all about the gifts and the surprise - this is utterly disgusting, Christmas is not about the gifts, but I was happy when it was lol. But when gifts suddenly don't make your life any better, there is an important shift.
- This Christmas I'd like my neighbour to get some HEADPHONES, so I didn't have to get out of bed in emergency-speed to stop listening to her dreadful music. (ahah)
- I wish someone had a key that would release me from myself, but that seems too quirky to ask Santa...doesn't it?
- I want to have goals and feel passionate about things and maybe find out what it is that I want to do.
- I definitely want and need peace of mind, I want to feel less worried, less guilty, less defeated.
- A new outlook for life would be cool, Santa ;)


fb said...

Porto v Liverpool?

Devil Mood said...

ahahha that's a possibility, isn't it? I'd like that! (there really isn't much choice in all those super teams...)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get the headphones and send them to your neighbor anonymously?

Devil Mood said...

I'm not sure she'd understand the clue - banging on the wall seemed like a pretty clear clue to me, but she didn't get it! lol

Anonymous said...

I am seeking some of those things on the second part of your list too - except headphones :) I'm lucky that my current house is quiet, but in other apartments I've learned to sleep with earplugs.

I like to share music too, but only with willing participants. What sort of music does she subject you to?

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie, the girls are maybe 12 and can imagine the things they listen to. Not very recommendable, unfortunately :(
I wish that 2nd part was as easy as the 1st one :)

sophie said...

the photo is so striking -
absolutely beautiful!!!!!

i want skirts too

i love love love them!!!!

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Sophie!
Let's go skirt-hunting :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I enjoyed your list. The last too are for me to, Okay Santa???

Devil Mood said...

Day: Hopefully Santa will listen :)

holychaos said...

Hey devil mood,
this is natalie(holy chaos).
i like your blog. i have that age (12-15 year olds) in my house and they all have head phones! they hate my 80's music but all of us like classic rock.

i like your list... the Body Shop's Cucumber Cleansing Milk sounds great. Estee Lauder(who I used to work for before baby K) makes a moisturizer called Daywear that smells like cucumber. love it!

Devil Mood said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks for dropping by!
Unfortunately I've learned that the Cucumber cleasing milk is no longer produced :( Wow, you worked for Esteé Lauder? :) I have a great mask from them (I'm a sucker for beauty products)...