Monday, January 22, 2007

Reflections on the writing pen

1. I've been writing stories since I was a kid. I barely knew how to write and was already making up stories in one of those notebooks with special lines to help you perfect your calligraphy. Not that the stories were ever any good, it was just a good way to keep me distracted. My most productive phase was in my early teens. I had tons of ideas but, after a while, I noticed that the ideas were just different ways to tell the same story.

2. I never actually desired to become a writer. It's not that it doesn't appeal to me. I think I admire good writers too much and all the work that is behind a great book.

3. When I'm writing something I have whole dialogues in my head, waiting to be put to paper. The only trouble is getting them in a logical order: what should be said first? if this is said, is it logical that that should be said afterwards?
Plus, the action in my head is always ahead of what I'm writing in the paper, that's probably diagnosed as writing anxiety lol

4. The best ideas usually come up when I'm in bed at night, that's why I've been having trouble falling asleep lately. What really annoys me is that I forget most of them if I don't write them down immediately. The other day, I had a great idea and repeated it in my head about 10 times, so I'd remember it in the morning...but I never did. It was so frustrating :P

5. When I'm writing something, I always come across lyrics that describe exactly what I'm trying to say, or what the characters are feeling at the moment. For instance, this great piece from Jewel's Grey Matter - brilliant!

I hate you, I love you
Leave, don't go away
I can't decide if I like your face
Or if I wish it would stray
You're a child but you're malicious
Sweet but don't remember my name
Heads you win and tails I'm lost
Love equals pain

I am drifting without an anchor
Through your ambiguous region
Strange continent
Immune to all reason
And I'm flattered by your grey matter

I don't really understand why she's flattered by his grey matter but...the rest is perfect ;) This also reminds me of that video I posted from Ringside.


Niall Young said...

You write so well Devil..there is no way to quickly view your has to savour and digest as if this is a meal! We share a common tool of trade, although of course mine is for drawing. It is mightier than the sword it is said!

dharmabum said...

this is slowly but steadily becoming one of my favourite blogs :) and i completely agree with niall.

so, u a full time writer or what? i mean, do u do it for a living?

mebbe u'll become a huge success someday - celebrity author and all? then all us lesser mortals cango around saying 'i knew the devil!' :)

Ps said...

1,2 and 4 describe exactly me!I'm so surprised!I too have written stories and stories.Published a few in my college mag too.Too lazy to try and get them published now.

You write really nicely, devil-mood.

holy chaos said...

i used to write stories,too and poems.... now my daughters do. thye have kept a journal,ever since they were young.

you are a good writer... keep a journal beside your bed at night to jot your thoughts down.

Chloe said...

you are a very good storyteller and good storytellers are so rare. and you didn't include this skill to your 10 things you do well. :) x

Devil Mood said...

Oh everyone, thanks so much! I have to say I'm a little (well, a lot) surprised at your response, as I'm not a big fan of my writing.

Niall: Thanks! I hope it's a healthy and easy-digestable meal! That's right, the pen is a powerful tool.

Dharmabum: Oh, thanks for the wonderful compliment :) No, I don't write for a living. Right now, I'm writing because I don't have a job, but I've never considered it seriously enough to make it a full time job. It's really funny to imagine me as a famous author lol

PS - It's great to know that you write too! And you write well, from what I could see in your blog!

Holychaos: I think it's great that your daughters write! Nowadays there are so many distractions around kids, making writing even more precious. Congratulations to you because being the parent you probably encouraged them, in one way or the other :)

Chloe: I didn't include this because I'm very unsure about my storytelling. But thanks for the compliment, it's really appreciated :)

sophie said...

gorgeous gorgeous photo-
love the lighting...

i think you are a wonderful writer-
and i am also frustrated by "middle of the night ideas"
sooo profound and creative and
then vaporize in the morning!


Novel Nymph said...

Devil, get up in the middle of the night--otherwise you will lose things. I don't mind the dark circles if I can keep the words...I lose things on the sidewalk which is such a disaster!:(

Thanks for the passage from the novel--I saw a couple like that once on the '4' train here in NYC. they did not touch but they were going on so much I felt wrong to look at them.

I ADORE that Jewel album!

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: Get a little notebook and put it beside your bed too :) We are much more practical in the morning, I'm sure, at night we're insane poets ;)

Novel Nymph: I have a little notebook now and I write even without turning the light on - in the morning it's a mess to decipher what I've written! How do you lose things in the sideway? That was a funny thought :)
Jewel's got some great songs!

lady miss marquise said...

I keep getting ideas and inspiration when I am running and because I am concentrating so hard on my times, by the time I get back all those lovely words which were forming so beautifully are gone.


And I love your blog ;o)

Devil Mood said...

Lady Miss: I like that - exercise and good ideas at the same time. You need to carry a mini-notebook or maybe something to record your voice. Thanks :)