Friday, February 02, 2007

90's corner

I did a 90s corner post a while back. It was my intention to continue with it regularly, but sometimes looking back just seems like a waste of everyone's time.

Today I'm listening to a CD that takes me back. Not to the beginning of the 90s, nor the middle, right to the end...1998. Still, it's been almost nine years and the way time is flying it too scary.

I had different musical preferences back then. They were less eclectic, more aggressive, more repetitive, more obsessive. It was a time when music was everything. It was oxigen, it was inspiration, it was cathartic. There was a time when I used the word cathartic a lot. I was in a constant catharsis, with music as my companion.

Music is still my companion today, but it's different now. I don't have all the injustices in the world inside of me, so I don't need to scream and shout and cry and sob and be completely wrecked by songs.

The album is "Celebrity Skin" by Hole, perfect to sing along, in happier days (as opposed to "Live Through This", perfect to shout along in angrier days). In the time when it was funny when Courtney Love sung "Just shut up, you're only sixteen" - and I wasn't even sixteen!

Song of the day: Hole - "Malibu"

Hey, hey, I'm gonna follow you

Oh baby, fly away to Malibu

Oceans of angels, oceans of stars

Down by the sea is where you drown your scars

I can't be near you

The light just radiates...


holy chaos said...

that is interesting how your music tastes have changed and why. I remember when i was really mad at a guy, i would listen to Pat Benatar ("Hit Me with your best shot) and Quarter

my son is so political and he loves all these heavy metal bands that criticize the system.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I've noticed lately it seems to be the trend for new bands to use older songs and make them their own. My taste have changed, but I will always love music no mater how it changes.

[eric] said...

I love the 90s! Half the CDs I own are from that era, and I bought them after the millennium.

"The Bends" was the best. ^_^

Novel Nymph said...

Okay Devil angel, now I get to "yell" at you for being inside my mind--I LOVE Hole, and I ADORE this song! I was more than 16 when it came out too.;) Do you have "Live Through It" as well?

My song of the day is "Better" by Regina Spektor.

BTW I hope other bloggers don't need a lost jewelry label! Emerald story is coming along soon!


Novel Nymph said...

Devil, you have to love this--I just put on my Yahoo! Launch station, and they played "Miss World" off of "Live Through This"...

...had to share!

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: I need to check that Pat Benatar song, it may be useful someday :) I thinks it's very healthy that teenagers listen to those angry songs because it's a time when our ideals and the injustices are so present in our minds. Shame the parents have to put up with that :)

Day: Some songs are just timeless, so it makes sense to recycle them and give it to new audiences!

Eric: There'll never be anything like the 90s in terms of musical variety. I regularly have 90s revivals in my stereo :) Check out this radio station (

Novel Nymph: You rock! Of course I have Live Through This, that is the real deal, but like I said Celebrity Skin was for happy days!

Devil Mood said...

Novel! - Miss World...I'm going to cry in a minute, I love that :)

Stephanie said...

My whole life has had a soundtrack & tastes evolve metal, anyone? :)

Cathy said...

On my way over to iTunes....

Ps said...

The picture is lovely.Havent heard the song though.My music tastes too keep changing.But one consistent pattern is that I like anything that i can dance to:-)

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: I'm afraid I didn't go through that stage, but there are some scary moments in my life soundtrack!

CathY: Always on the move :)

PS: that's a good pattern, my pattern is emotion - I like anything that makes me cry lol