Friday, April 27, 2007


If you were expecting me to stop talking about books and writing in this new post (I know I was! I'm getting a little repetitive) may be disappointed.
The sweet Dharmabum (he's not really called sweet Dharmabum, just Dharmabum but he's so sweet and thoughtful, I think!) was tagged with this and gave me the oportunity to do this myself, if I wished...and I did.

You're supposed to pick up the book you're reading right now, go to page 123 (or the last page of the book if it doesn't get that far) and copy the 5th paragraph (or the last paragraph, in case there isn't one). I've already told you about the book I'm reading. It's Sleep with Me by Joanna Briscoe. Here it goes.

She was calm and milky, her hair roughly pulled back into a chopstick, her newly larger breasts visible at the opening of her dressing-gown. I hoped we wouldn't have to talk about the baby. She washed an apple and threw it haphazardly at me for my journey to work, opening her mouth in mock surprise as I caught it, and I thought, perversely, how pleasing it would be after all to have our child, kicking, smiling, grizzling in this warm place that we had made.

Good paragraph, I think, it sums up many issues of the book. I like it when the woman mocks him hehe. You're welcome to do this if you wish.

I've been having bad dreams lately. I've left the sleepless nights behind and entered the restless nights, too many dreams, all very detailed and ridiculous. I dreamt of strawberries that were the shape of carrots or bigger. What would Freud say? I don't really care. lol I also dreamt of disposable ties, made of shiny paper, that people got from those vending machines! Isn't it a good idea?


Miss Iyer said...

Wow! You seems to have mystical dreams, just like moi :D

Oh and that paragraph, pretty much draws us to read more and more. Thanks for sharing :)

kimananda said...

This may be a good way for me to get back into the whole blogging thing again, though I guarantee that The Hypercomplex Society does not have any passages as interesting than yours here.

And it sounds like your dreams are interesting as well, with lots of symbolism to analyze (and lots of marketing ideas...I think both the ties and the strawberries are cool). Mine are far too straightforward...I took a nap the other day (when I despair of my thesis and can't get anything done, it tends to make me overwhelmingly tired), and about, oh, 10 minutes into it, I was run over by a car. Well, I woke up before the actual impact, but the idea was there. Really, if there is any subtlety there, I'm not sure I want to know!

Niall said...

I will use the 'paragraph' idea...good one!As for dreams..oh boy!..I love my dreams..I'll not go into my therories on dreams here.I dream mostly of the sea and big houses where I am alone and wandering darkened rooms!..something always lurking out of sight..(probably a giant carrot shaped strawberry monster!)

MAHIMA said...

devil mood!
i cheated a litle and posted some of at i'v been uo tp on my blog. lol. couldn't resist it!!
and then couldn't resist dropping in here either.
but that's the only 2 things i did, promise. :)
like this post. interesting idea!!

Steve Awesome said...

I can't read, i'm an english teacher! To answer you prev post that I quickly noticed zzzzz does work for sleeping as I have to act out pretty much everything in my classes and there are so many universal signs.

Devil Mood said...

Miss Iyer: You think mine are mystical? In what sense?

Kimananda: Oh, you should, it's getting a little frustrating getting that Pride and Prejudice post all the time ;)
The Hypercomplex Society...hmmm, post it and we'll see. Your dream made me laugh, i know it's not funny but's so funny! hehe But I think I understand the feeling behind it. Something inside you wasn't going to let you sleep...;)

Niall: lol probably!! It's so interesting that people seem to have a certain type of dreams over and over - interesting on the outside, because I'm not too fond of repetitive dreams.

Mahima: It's okay, I won't tell ;) I wouldn't be able to resist it either. The only way to do it is ...cold-turkey!

Hi Stevie! :) You must have all sorts of universal strategies of teaching and creating attention right now! You are the master! :) And I'm sure your pupils don't zzzzz in class!

Maddie said...

wow Joana - you have a fabulous and very
curious mind with those inventive dream-thoughts -
soon you will dream a new invention and be
rich rich rich!

dharmabum said...

adjectives that, imho, hardly are fitting for the bum - but thanks nevertheless. i am, honestly, quite touched devil!

the title of the book - very inviting ;)

try saying a lil prayer before u sleep - that is after u r done with everything else - reading, writing - just before finally closing your eyes. it has great calming effect, atleast one me.

Stephanie said...

I like tags for book things, because you get to learn about what other people are reading. I'll try to do this one later too.

I like the dream of the paper ties, like the ones men wear with suits? useful for formal dream occasions! Do you suppose there was a similar machine with paper baubles for the ladies?

Devil Mood said...

Maddie: hehe who knows? I've never heard such inventive dreams, maybe it's a new phase.

Dharma: I had a feeling you wouldn't identify with the compliment but that's part of the image you project, so accept it ;)
That's a good idea, the prayer.

Stephanie: Yes, the machine was there for the men that needed to look presentable. And, yes, I think we could try something for women too. :)

Vesper said...

oh my god, you should totally do the disposable tie vending machine!!!! that would be so amazingly awesome!

Devil Mood said...

Vesper: hehe I wonder if anyone would be interested. I'd have to do a market-study.