Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here's a photo you haven't seen

qué hace un escritor más que construirse una realidad alternativa para huir de
la presente? (Y en la categoría de escritor incluyo también a las novelistas
inéditas y as periodistas con ínfulas.)

Lucía Etxebarria in "Un milagro en

This is my favourite writer's take on writing. She says: "What does a writer do apart from constructing an alternative reality to escape the present one? (And in the category of writer I include also the unpublished writers and the pretentious journalists)". (The quote is in Spanish, not Portuguese. We don't use Ys in our language, just so you know ;))

This is the thing about writing that makes me ponder the most. It's also probably the thing that puts the brakes on my creativity. I don't want to feel like I'm running away when I'm writing, but the truth is...it's this escape, this complete freedom and power to write anything you want that makes it so fulfilling and exciting, isn't it?

There was a time in my life when I didn't write fiction. I was really focused on my daily life and writing was about organizing my ideas and feelings, put it all to paper, in hopes that it would give me some solutions. It was about releasing the tension, sharing everything I felt with the notebook and it worked. I always felt better after I wrote. I needed it like exercising. It was also the time when my writing muscle was better - I wrote better than I do now, maybe it was the intense practice.

Fiction is different. Generally it is more pleasant, while journals are necessarily a bit painful. Fiction takes more of my time, as there are constant dialogues in my head until I go to sleep. Most of the ideas appear when I'm busy doing something practical and never when I'm in front of the computer screen. Then I run to write them down.

I'm divided between loving it and cursing it. Between looking at it as a hobby and taking it seriously. Between thinking it's a healthy pleasure and a thing of the devil. ;)


Vesper said...

i would LOVE to learn portuguese. it's a beautiful language.

[eric] said...

Fiction is a mess for a perfectionist to try to write. Because everything that happens must happen for a reason, and have a continuity or a flow about it. Plus, it's not easy to make dialouge up that doesn't cause the characters to all sound like me.

Ps said...

You do have the talent to take it up seriously.All these 'higher-thinking' boks that i read stress the importance of keeping a journal because they help us to crystallise our deepest thoughts.
Both are important.Fiction--as you said gives the power to do 'anything'
and jornals to help you make that painful journey inwards.

Miss Iyer said...

"..divided between loving it and cursing it" How very true DevilM! I feel that way soo very often.

Love this post of urs. Keep writing! :)

Devil Mood said...

Vesper: I was like to be brought up in the middle of it, otherwise it would be difficult to learn. But I'll teach you, if you want.

Eric: You're so right! It seems like you have tried it yourself. But, you see, for a perfectionist everything is HARD! lol I often think if my characters are just me all the time, it's difficult...

PS: I should be writing in a journal more often, you're right. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Miss Iyer: Do you write too? :)

fb said...

Journals are like sketchbooks...you can also scribble down ideas and notes or is that a notebook?

That part of Porto must belong to that dog trotting about without a lead on!

Mind you who wants to argue with a Rottweiler!

Devil Mood said...

FB: I thought about that too: beware of a loose rottweiler! Funnily enough, this part of Porto belongs to rottweiler-looking gangs of youth lol
I used to keep a simple notebook, but it's so much interesting if you add photos, images, sketches, etc. :)

lady miss marquise said...

Whenever I've been sad, or angry, or hurt or blue I've always found that escape in words... it's a beautiful escape!

(and yes please, add me! I'd love to see your flickr fliks x)

MAHIMA said...

i reccommend a journal to everybody. and i like that you call it "necessarily painful" to an extent. its so true!
i started a new blog today, its called uberglucklich (i can't figure out how to do a dots yet!!)-told you i'm learning german from a rather interesting unusual german online. and it means overjoyed. its a place to list things to be happy about.
i'm just going to go and add writing to it.

Devil Mood said...

LadyMiss: I'm sure that was one of the reasons you write so well! :)

Mahima: Another one? Girl, you blog like no one I've ever known :) But that's a brilliant idea - a blog about enthusiasm. it seems to suit you :)
I had german at school but forgot everything. But I do know that they have some rare, significant words!