Tuesday, April 10, 2007


sweet /swit/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[sweet] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation adjective, -er, -est, adverb, noun –adjective
1.having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar, honey, etc.
3.not rancid or stale; fresh: This milk is still sweet.
4.not salt or salted: sweet butter.
5.pleasing to the ear; making a delicate, pleasant, or agreeable sound; musical.
6.pleasing or fresh to the smell; fragrant; perfumed.
7.pleasing or agreeable; delightful.
8.amiable; kind or gracious, as a person, action, etc.
9.dear; beloved; precious.
13.sentimental, cloying, or unrealistic: a sweet painting of little kittens.

Funny that sweet can be not only something you taste in your tongue, but also "pleasing to the ear", something that you see, something that you smell, something that you feel, something that you sense, something that you appreciate with all your senses but especially the sixth one.

My Easter Sunday was sweet - there was a big blue sky and a warm sun, all the family gathered around in their usual spirited mood, my sweet godson - so cute you want to bite him, traditional sweets on the table, chocolate eggs, cousins that grow at the speed of light, the sugarless fruit-salad that took my uncle three hours to make, but was still sweet.

In the afternoon we sat under the sun saying stupid things and laughing. Sometimes people don't talk much. Sometimes the important things aren't mentioned. That upsets me sometimes, but this is a sweet post, no talking about the bitter things.

Sweet is also a song by Tori Amos called "Sweet the Sting" (not Sting, just a sting) - I think this is going to by my song the next time I fall in love (with a Scorpio - naturally, it will be a Scorpio because it always is!)...and with this song it makes even more sense...

Is it sweet sweet
Sweet the sting?
Is it real, this infusion?
Can it heal where others before have failed?
If so then somebody
Shake shake shake me sane
'cause I am inching ever closer to the tip of this scorpion's tail


Ps said...

Funnily I hate sweets :-)(yep, the ones you eat)
But your post is sweet--and i like it :-)

Glad your easter sunday was sweet.
Do you know, Niall is a scorpio--and yes he is sweet :-)
Niall --dont kill me :-)

Devil Mood said...

PS: hehe yes, I know Niall's a Scorpio and yes, he is sweet but he is TAKEN! ;)

fb said...

Thought you might enjoy this:


fb said...

Maybe you can help me...I've worked out 26 but haven't used any 'clues' yet...

Vesper said...

I will be password protecting my blog sometime within the next couple days. If you want to continue accessing my blog and want to obtain a password, please email me: vesper7@gmail.com.

MAHIMA said...

yum pictures!

Stephanie said...

Glad you had a "sweet" weekend.

I did too...saw my favorite band with some good friends, and cooked a couple of super meals. No actual real sweets though...weird.

[eric] said...

What's that photo of at the top? Looks good...

Devil Mood said...

FB: Thanks, I'll check it out next and tell you how I've done :)

Vesper: Sure, you're the boss!

Mahima: hehe some fruit salad would go nicely right now :)

Stephanie: It doesn't need sweets to be sweet, right? Miss your posts!

Eric: That's a traditional cake from the north of Portugal, with plenty of sugar and eggs - I don't like it much because it's too sweet, I'm afraid. ;)

Maddy said...

I picked up immediately on
"pleasing to the ear"

i have been really attentive to that
"sweet" in my life...

and i can tell it is the same for you:)

Niall said...

Hey girls!...now you know there's no use fighting over me!...anyway..how could I choose between such beautiful and intelectual luminaries as you two?..

Devil Mood said...

Maddy: Absolutely. Where would I be without the sweet sounds of life?

Niall: hehe I've never been called a luminary before but I like it.

MAHIMA said...

just dropping in to say hi, good morning. :)

holy chaos said...

what a great Easter it ;ools like you had. I love the picture of the fruit salad and the cake. I love sweets! too much : )

your all's table looks so pretty,too. I love the china.

dharmabum said...

sweet devil

is that an oxymoron? :)

Devil Mood said...

Mahima: How sweet! Good morning to you!

Holychaos: I wish I could send some of that cake your way but it was all eaten, as you can imagine. There was about 30 people in that lunch :)

Dharmabum: Maybe it is! But it's a nice concept.

Vesper said...

we're both apparently totally addicted to tori. i love sweet the sting!!!!!! have you downloaded some songs from her newest album? it's a collection of a bunch of old stuff, some unheard stuff, some re-recorded, etc... perhaps we have already spoken about this before? :) i would love to meet tori someday.