Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Dharmabum tagged me to write about things I like about the Summer. I understand that our visions of Summer (from all of us) must be very different, considering we live in such distant parts of the world, that's the main interest of this tag...and also because it can trigger several nice memories.

Will I be able to find 8 things I like about the Summer?

1) First of all, the Summer gives me another opportunity to have an opinion different from most people around me. "Everybody" loves the Summer in Portugal, I'm not a fan. Being a very coastal country, we can say "our" favourite hobby is going to the beach, so at the first signs of a rising temperature...beaches around the cities get piled up with people soaking in the sun, traffic jams everywhere, children screaming all around you...what's not to like, really?

2) Summer is usually equated to holidays, meaning a break, the end of school, time to laze around and do very little. It's the most distinct time of the year, so it's a break from the yearly routine that I really appreciate. Not being in school this year, or any kind of work, I'm not sure how it'll be.
3) During the Summer there are a lot less people in the city, less traffic, less pollution, less noise...it's great for the people that stay (that's why I prefer to have my holidays in some other month that isn't August).

4) Going to the beach and always marvelling at the infinite length of the sea in front of me.

5) Plums, cherries, watermelon, figs, peaches!

6) In the Summer it's okay to eat ice cream everyday (it rhymes too)

7) Nights sitting in the dark outside and watching fallen stars across the big starry sky. There's not a Summer that goes by when I don't see several of them. But I always get so startled I hardly get to make wishes ;)

8) Already? I couldn't get away without writing about summer loves. What is it about them? Is it the heat? Is it the lack of clothes? Or is it the relaxation and a different attitude from the rest of the year? It is everything...and it fades as quickly as a suntan.

It wasn't so bad and there are some things I didn't even mention, like those nights when it's a little chilly and you get to wear a scarf over your shoulders, being able to read all day and devour books after books while eating sandwiches and drinking an icy can of coke :), fresh grilled fish everyday, smiling tourists, musical events at night, summer songs...
Ironically, today it's miserable outside, rain, rain, rain...

Are you excited about the Summer?


kimananda said...

'that's why I prefer to have my holidays in some other month that isn't August'

Yep...my favorite month to stay in Lisbon and work was always August...totally empty city, hardly any traffic. It was the best!

And no, I'm not planning to have a great summer, but I'm hoping to have a somewhat productive one at least.

Niall said...

No 7..I love to sit out in the summer ..a glass of wine or ouzo...to watch the airliners fly high above and imagine the hundred or more people over my head. To see the satalites gracefully arc the blackness..to see bats circle and owls hoot..the distant barking of a dog.

I love the summer..thanks to global warming they're more enjoyable here in UK!

dharmabum said...

nice take devil, and thanks so much for sharing it.

summer love eh? is something cooking? ;)

Devil Mood said...

Kim: Productive isn't the kind of word I usually associate with Summer but, anyway, I think that's fantastic :)

Niall: Summer over here is a little too hot for my liking. It must be more pleasant over there, even though it's getting hotter and hotter.

Dharmabum: Nothing's cooking yet cause it's been too chilly ;P

Anonymous said...

for me summer means green. Finally some green to look at.

Devil Mood said...

Day: That's interesting because over here, by the middle of summer, nothing's green any more because it's so hot and dry. Green is more Spring for me ;)