Saturday, June 02, 2007

have a good weekend!

I've written over 600 words yesterday but it was nothing, I barely had the chance to introduce the story. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's on the post below).

My intention was to tell three different stories, with three main characters, each living their own lives but going through similar challenges. But can you really tell 3 stories in 20,000 words? I doubt that, but I will keep writing, it might work.

The script thing is hard as hell because everything has to be translated into images or dialogue, you can't explain what anyone is thinking (unless you create a lot of flashbacks), you have to imply everything, you have to tell the characters' stories and backgrounds in their dialogues or their actions (and you can't put them talking to a stranger and telling him/her their whole life-story during the entire film, obviously lol).

But it is so much fun :)

I have also been watching tennis from Roland Garros. I didn't understand why anyone watched tennis until a few years ago when I watched some exhilarating matches when I shouldn't be watching them because I had to study. It can be nerve wrecking when every point is vital. Break points, set points, match

This is my inspirational song for the weekend: It's Amazing by Smoke City. Listen to it if you can because it's worth it.

Mesmerized by your eyes
What secrets do you keep?
The language that you speak
Torments me in my sleep


Niall said...

Sounds like you've got down to some serious work.I love the unconsciously or symbolises your ideas as they hang and evolve like etherial clouds , you gently mould and caress their form and so they become the substance of your vision..and then at some stage you step back and they have a life of their own..plot lines intertwine and live. ..

kimananda said...

I think three stories sounds very doable...that means that you have more options as to what to work on...if one story is giving you grief, you can rest it and work on another.

I've opted to wait for NaNoWriMo, but I may have convinced my bro to do this one...he has some great ideas concerning sock puppet zombies. I hope he gets it done as I'd like to voice one of the zombies.

Miss Iyer said...

Umm. good to hear you've kick started on it :) Three stories running in parallel huh? I think that sounds great! Good luck and you have a great weekend too :)

Maddie said...

Your script will rock - i love the idea and
frame of it -
I have written a script - they are so fun -
i collect scripts from films i love-
there is a great vendor in New York in
Soho and a wonderful shop in Seattle.

I love watching tennis! the french open is my
fave - so "je ne sais quoi"

Devil Mood said...

Niall: You might have noticed that I photograph clouds a lot and this one is a bit like me at the time, yes, gaining substance.
What a great comment - that is very true, plots gain a life of their own, as characters develop - sooner or later they'll stop obeying me.

Kim: I didn't know they had nanowrimo every year. 50,000 words in a month..phew :P
Sock puppet zombies - I really admire people with an imagination that allows them to go into the 'fantastic' - and I'm serious! I couldn't write anything like that :)

Miss Iyer: Thanks, it's all a bit messy but I like the challenge :)

Maddie: You've written a script? Wow :) I've been reading some in the internet, it's not the same as having the paper in your hands does the trick.
On Roland Garros I love the way the public screams the players names in dense french accents heheh

Chloe said...

20.000 words. i don't know how you do it. i'd love to read all your stories, you are a great story teller and because you are interested in people, i think you'll be a great script writer too.

dharmabum said...

3 parallel stories - sounds familiar, but equally interesting! have fun.

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: Really 20,000 in a month is very little. I'm struggling to keep it simple. But thanks for the compliment :)

Dharmabum: How about 2 parallel stories? Is that less familiar? ;)

diyadear said...

hey dont give an idea abt the background till u read almost mid script. till tehn only dialogues.. let the reader imagine wat the scenario cud be.. hows the idea?? aah a piece of trash..

Devil Mood said...

Diyadear: No, it's a good idea. I'm doing that!

Juarez said...

Great song, regards from brazil..