Tuesday, June 26, 2007

random facts alert

Lovely Preeti, also known as PS, tagged me to write 8 random facts about myself. That is not new because, when I think of it, most of the things I write in this blog are random. It's not as if I make a lot of sense most of the time. But bear with me on this one and, who knows?, you might learn something useless.

#1 I love making CDs for people. Music is something that moves me so much that I can't keep it all to myself, so I need to share it. And sometimes people make CDs for me too, like the one I got today from DaybyDay with a fantastic personalized cover and CD art. Isn't that neat? I love it :)

#2 I've been a bad vegetarian since I was 15. I say bad because I never stopped eating fish altogether. I wanted to but people thought I was insane enough as it was, so I had to make a compromise. Otherwise I'd literally starve in any portuguese restaurant.
#3 As you know, I love books. I've been loving books forever. I remember having lunch while reading the Famous Five (those books made me really hungry - did that happen to you?) simply because I couldn't stop reading. I'm not so bookish anymore but I'm always reading something and when I know I'll be having a boring time, I count on books to entertain me. By the way, please suggest some books for my summer, okay? Please!

#4 The first boy I had a crush on (that started the long and endless list of crushes in my life) looked like a young, still mentally-sane Tom Cruise (these were the days of Top Gun). I wrote him a letter, which I believe he never read (thank God for that...). I remember he used to wear a really nice dark blue jacket.

#5 Hands are very important to me. They seem to have a life of their own when you're observing people, so I always notice them more than other things. My friend the Surfer Girl taught me that hands can reflect our sun sign too. For instance, Fire signs tend to make your hands look like flames, when your pinky finger is much shorter than the others and your middle finger bigger. As you can see, mine obbey that rule:

And so do Nelly Furtado's, who is a typical Sagittarius like me...haha (I know this isn't a random fact about me, but ...learn from it, I won't last forever ;)

#6 These hands that people call midwife's hands (because they're so narrow that they can help bring babies into the world) or pianist hands (because of the long fingers) went to piano lessons one day. The lessons were given by an old lady living in a tiny decrepit house with a red door. The hands first learnt a song without the musical notes; this song that, the old lady used to say, aaaalll her other students played much, much faster. And then the hands tried to be smart and learn all the other songs by ear, without having to look at the notes. When the fingers missed a note the old lady's hands would step in and cover the hands to guide them sloppily through the keys. I didn't last very long in my piano lessons.

#7 These hands were never good at drawing or painting, leaving the owner a little heartbroken since many members of her family were very artistic.

#8 My family is huge. For instance, today I was listening to some news on the radio and listened to a distant cousin being interviewed, out of nowhere. My family seems to be everywhere at all times, spread in various activities, having many stories to tell...I don't know what it is that they have.

Oh I was supposed to tag 8 people! I don't like to be bossy so I'll leave to you to decide if you want to do it or not.


Anonymous said...

Wow did I do that? LOL
I always wanted to play an instrument, but my short attention span doesn't allow me to.


Ps said...

fire signs and hands..New piece of info.I'm hooked even more than i was! :-)

fb said...

I've now been looking at my hands!

diyadear said...

nice info abt hands.. wonder wat kind mine are :)

Chloe said...

i have a book suggestion, it's a book my friend Joanna from blogworld, gave me: Lucky Girls by Nell Freudenberger, a young and very very talented writer (and very beautiful too!).
Here's a link:
i've been meaning to tell Maddy too.

Miss Iyer said...

That personalized cd cover is soooo touching. :)

Oh, and ur a saggi? My sis is too. And she's the laziest bum I've ever met on this planet. :P No pun intended. ;-)

Tell me a lil about us Gemini's too, won't u?

Devil Mood said...

Day: Yes, you did! Isn't it great? I may have that problem too.

PS: Other signs have typical hands too but it's a study in progress.

FB: Being an Aries (right?) you have Fire hands too but these traits are not so noticeable in men because the hands are usually larger. But isn't your pinky finger much smaller than the others?

Diyadear: You have to observe them and compare to other people and then think about signs.

Chloe: Thanks! I'll be checking that one. I'm craving new books right now.

Miss Iyer: Oh but I am lazy. I'm really lazy. lol Gemini is all about the hands - in my experience, the hands are large, wide as opposed to these fire hands which are very narrow. And maybe they're always curved, as though they're always in use for something (this is a study in progress, like I told PS). haha

Anonymous said...

being Gemini myself.
I would say yes your right about the hands. They are wide, but mine also have long fingers with a great reach for piano keys. But being Gemini ones hands have to be busy and doig the same thing too long bores us. I would also agree that the hands are usually cuffed compared to flat.


Devil Mood said...

Day: I've seen your hands and they are beautiful! Yes, the fingers are long too and they hands look skilful.

dharmabum said...

among my own long list of crushes, the latest is the devil's hand :)

Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: hahaha :) Now that you mention it, it's really odd seeing the palm of my hand in the internet. What a strange picture that is...

fb said...

You would be correct about my hands.

The man on the roof is part of a group of sculptures by Antony Gormley and is called 'Event Horizon'. He's currently having a big exhibit of his work at the Haywatd Gallery in London.

As to the meaning of the title I'm still deciphering this lot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event_horizon

The transfer market is weird, Thierry Henry for £16m yet Darren Bent costs £17m!? Then of course this Torres saga has been going on all week...as long as he doesn't turn out to be like the other Fernando (Morientes) in a Liverpool shirt. i had such high hopes when morientes was signed.

I'm very impressed that you've been watching games. i don't have the facilities to and even then I'm not sure that I'd stay up. There's the asian Cup coming up too.

Jen said...

enjoyed reading these random facts about you...though you may not draw/paint...you are soooo creative!

I've got a line that goes straight across...it's horizontal...it's the top one...on my right palm
as you can see I don't know much about hands and meaning...names of lines and so forth...but I always liked the idea of it, and thought it fun to think of...as a young girl I would pretend to read palms...oooh, I did have my palm read once as a girl...it happened to be at a Portuguese fair here in the u.s.....never been to another of those, nor had it read again.

#4 mentioning the "mentally-sane" tom cruise made me laugh..I used to like him back then, too...before he went a little "you know what" (cu..ckoo;-)_

I'm having some computer troubles but today could get to some blogs..so I saved myself from some withdrawal symptoms.

easy post to read...fun!

Devil Mood said...

Jen, glad you liked it!
I don't know much about palm-reading but I once saw a woman on TV reading hands and she was amazing.
I wonder what a portuguese fair contains! Crafts and such?
And believe me, to me writing the mentioned 20,000 words is easier than a lot of other things people say are simple. ;)

phish said...

of hands and cds an enid blyton. i rediscovered several lost summer afternoons because of your post. yes, famous five did leave me very, very hungry indeed.

Devil Mood said...

Phish: Oh, we have a lot in common then! Glad it brought back good (I hope) memories.