Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shopping trip

To take a break from all that script frenzy (which, by the way, is making me insane already), we're going shopping today. I set up to photograph the kitsch of the kitsch. Beware!

I even managed to get some people included in the photos. Crafts, anyone?

All kinds of religious articles - amen!

More, if you haven't had enough.

Hello, can I help you?

Welcome to the store! This is a really typical one.

Loooots of port wine.

In all kinds of bottles.

It was so hot today, you have no idea. How did we get from rain and cold last week to this insanity? Time to get all the summer clothes back to the accessible places of the wardrobe. Will you give me a hand? It's a hell of a task!


Chloe said...

how i love kitsch things! i love this set of photos.
why don't you go out to write instead of writing at home? This week i am going to start writing outside. I think it may give you inspiration. xx

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Chloe! I can only go out at late afternoon, it's too hot! lol My current problem isn't inspiration but putting the pieces together. :)

kimananda said...

I am so homesick for Portugal from these. You are evil. You're really trying to get me to move back there, aren't you? ;-)

Jen said...

thanks for the tour! of Portuguese kitsch...I think I recognize something from my grandmother's house..haha!
hope the pieces are coming together....
its been 106 degrees here, but it really is a "dry" heat;-)

"hang in there!"

Cathy said...

Even the wine has religious kitsch!
I would be a tourist there, so I would enjoy the kitsch (well, not the religious kitsch so much...);
I am going to take inspiration from you and Chloe and go out to write next week.

holy chaos said...

I like to read outside. have you ever heard of the book "uglies?"

how hot is it? it is pretty hot here... but not as hot as it gets!

Devil Mood said...

Kim: May-be ;) I like this slow torture.

Jen: 106 is a lot! Is hasn't been that hot here but it was enough for me. I bet your Grandmother had a statue of the virgin of Fatima - every gran does ;)

Cathy: That's right, that brand is called lágrima, meaning tear. Yay, good luck with the writing!

Holychaos: Uglies? No, what's that? It wasn't nearly as hot as it gets but it was sudden, I think in Fahrenheit it's over 80.

fb said...

Don't get stuck in the wardrobe!