Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Everybody's doing it! This is just a reminder so that the environmental issues are not forgotten; the world isn't a fairytale so just because Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, it doesn't mean everything's going to be alright. People are more aware and his work was very valuable in making these issues visible and discussed in the public eye. But the truth is the part of the population aware of these things is a tiny minority and we are just beginning.

I have no advice for you, as I'm not expert, but keep recycling, buy things with the littlest package as possible, use less water in the shower, close the tap while brushing your teeth. You know the drill. One of the crucial things, in my opinion, is the use of alternative forms of energy, because we all know the state of the world today is a result of our dependency of petrol. The energetical issue is probably the biggest issue in the world today, as well as the dispairity of resources throughout the world so these are the problems we must tackle first - I'm starting to sound like a boring politician (is this a redundancy?).

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Roam2Rome said...

Not redundant at all! :) With all the talk of Action Day, many of us forgot to mention the disparity of resources... just be cause we have lots of it, doesn't mean we can waste things away.

I love Action Day Posts :) this "sure I'll join a project" is what makes the blogosphere so great :)

Niall said...

Maybe we could connect the mouths of those 'boring politicians' to wind turbine generators...that'll solve all the energy issues!..but seriously!, it NEVER is a waste of time to be reminded of our obligation to our world today and for the future.

phish said...

everyday, i am shocked by the utter disregard and nonchalance that the next generation displays towards an issue as serious as this.

i try to pull them up or talk to them but sometimes i just wish there were five of me.

Devil Mood said...

R2R: Yes, this can be a powerful community and that's great!

Niall: That's a great idea haha!

Phish: I thought the next generation was more concerned. That worries me :( But I'd be happy if there were five of you - so many great posts! :)