Friday, October 26, 2007

Music for the weekend

This is Jamie Cullum's All at Sea.

I've been listening to a lot of his music lately, especially the Catching Tales album. I love it so much I even named a character from my story after him, just to say thanks for keeping me company.

My first reaction to Jamie Cullum was : ugh!!*run away*, but he turned out not to be not only a "pointless nostalgic" (name of his first album), but a great artist, he writes great lyrics and he just has a way with music. I don't know what his sign is but all bets point to Pisces.

Enjoy! If you don't, come back later.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe by looking at him that that strong deep voice is his.

Thanks for sharing.


Scholiast said...

Love him :-D Went to his concert here last year, excellent show - he's just so energetic, and his voice amazing :)

fb said...

I did the Meme, not sure if I got it right though...

Jonice said...

I looooooove him!
Have a sweet weekend :)

chrispito said...

Devil I just had to say...The Tudors is showing on TV here! I don't have a television so my friend is going to have me over every Tuesday...good thing we lust after separate characters, LOL.
Have a good weekend!

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure I'm a fan overall, but this song in particular speaks to me. Extra points for and upright bass too :)

I'm seeing this guy tomorrow:

I think you might like him.

Maddie said...

oh i love him sweetie!
what a pleasing sweet snappy song -
and are welcome
to name a character in your book
after me...just sayin'...

it's a good name ....i think
so anyway....


Devil Mood said...

Day: I know, he looks like a kid ;)

Scholiast: Lucky you! I've seen some bits of concerts on youtube and he simply won't stop.

FB: Don't be silly. Of course you did!

Jonice: Great! Have a great one yourself.

Chrispito: Lol Or what? Would you fight about it? haha That's great, hope you enjoy it!

Stephanie: His own songs (like this one) sound better than the classics he sings, I think. It that guy australian? I will go and check it.

Maddie: Yes, of course, it is a great name! Well, if I come across a dreamy, fascinating character I will :)