Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas for everyone

Have you ever spent days and weeks trying to find the perfect present for someone who really doesn't need anything? I have!

Have you ever, in the midst of all the Christmas-presents-chocolates-presents! craze, wondered what's the point of it all when 2,7 billion people are living with under $2 a day? I have!

Have you ever wondered how you could compensate for some of the excesses you see around you by giving to the people and causes that really need it? I have!

So, this year, apart from the usual Christmas charity, I also intend to present people with charitable gifts. Yes, perfumes and chocolates and Christmas gifts are lovely and we should have them! We deserve them too, I'm not saying anything on the contrary. But, think about it, wouldn't it make your heart fuzzy-warm to know that someone gave money in your name to help people in need? I know I'd be happy.

Here's some websites where you can get these types of gifts:
- Charitable gifts on various causes
- Lots of different options to give at Justgive.org
- Care2 - charity and green living

Because the animals need your help and don't want socks for Christmas:
- IFAW site - to protect animals all year long
- Best Friends - you can sponsor a pet in need
- World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) - gifts to save the world

And when you want to give real gifts but with a percentage going for a right cause here's:
- The Greater Good site
- The iGive site


phish said...

what a beautiful way to end the year!
just hope people do take your suggestions. like i have.

have a merry christmas.

Scholiast said...

It's a great idea, and I'm doing something like this too (together with other stuff, must admit ...).

My cousin lives in Tanzania, and helps her sisters-in-law with schooling, so I bought a few of their Christmas gift cards to help them a little too :)

kimananda said...

Yes, absolutely. It's the best gift to give those of us who have so much already.

Niall said...

Never have I felt more than this year a shamefulness at what the society I live in calls 'christmas'..true I have said that there is a 'Famine of the soul' and to give to someone something to feed the soul and generate a desire to grow and develop a view of the wider world and our place in it is good.

I think what you have done here is to give something to us...a resource to use...so thank you for these suggestions..your heart is good!

Anonymous said...

Devil you are a good friend and such a caring soul! Thanks for reminding us that there's more to giving than *objects*.
Of course, Taurus loves objects, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you!

From: DayByDay

Devil Mood said...

Phish: I hope they do too. Have a great one yourself :)

Scholiast: With 5 kids, you'd be kicked out of the house if you didn't get them some toys ;)

Kim: Yes, that's true.

Niall: It's true, I wanted this to help you help others. And it's like a snowball when we help someone.

Chrispito: Thanks :) For those who can't live without objects, there are also objects that help and that's good :)

Day: Thank you. Same to you!

Chloe said...

too true. this year i want to give the gift of volunteering. to do things for others without expecting anything in return except that warm feeling you describe. x

simple me said...


tem um natal fantástico, mesmo que não celebres e que 2008 venha cheio de coisas doces e boas :)
obrigada por tudo este ano.

beijocas e até janeiro


... e parabéns no dia 14 ... atrasada mas chego lá ...agora já sei, hé!hé!:))

Vesper said...

hey....that quiz on my blog is from THE JOURNAL OF HOMOSEXUALITY (which it said in the results and also on the web site)! also, i posted a longer response to your comment on the post itself! :)

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: That's great! :)

Simple Me: Obrigada e espero que o teu Natal seja fantástico também!

Vesper: thanks for that!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely comprehensive list of good gifts. I always buy my sister something charitable(this year its a hedgerow for a bird charity). I think that consumerism just gets out of control for too many people at this time of the year, its nice to have alternatives

Devil Mood said...

Crafty: You're right. It feels good not to be engulfed by the consumer fever everywhere. So much waste. Happy Christmas!