Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy birthday cat

This is for my friend Cat whose birthday is today. I think she'll like it. She likes the Beatles and this song and buses with cool people inside. So it should be a winner.

Funny thing is this video is exactly 40 years old this year.
I wonder where the Magical Mystery Tour takes you...


Anonymous said...

catching up..

40 is a good year. 1967 was a good year.

Love the santa parade/gathering

Hope your Christmas was good too.

Happy New year.

cat said...

hey gurl :)

não podias ter escolhido melhor música para me dares :) nd melhor do que ser levada pela magical mystery tour para começar bem o ano (o 24.º) ;)

por isso, obrigada :D

fb said...

Happy Birthday Cat!

Here's a clip of another cat!

fb said...

I like eating out alot.

Maybe I'm a lazy dater or a pessimistic one in that I fear the worst so I don't bother even trying or something.

Note to self: Oh Shut Up!


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy everything, Devil! Much love to you, and thanks for the Beatles, again!

Niall said...

Now you're talking! I was 6 when this came out..I can remember some of the Beatles single releases.

Following on from your post yesterday...isn't life one big Magical Mystery tour?

dharmabum said...

hey devil, hope u have a great year ahead. i'm really glad to have bumped into u :)

Devil Mood said...

Day: I wonder why you feel like that about 67 ;)) Happy New Year and I'm thinking of you.

Cat: :)))) Ainda bem que tive pontaria!

FB: I don't think I've seen that one before, but it's reminding me of Murakami and all the cats in his books :)
Oh and I'm sure you're not a lousy dater, but it's never an easy thing to do, especially when we're not feeling very confident.

Chrispito: Happy happy to you too :) You're a sweetheart.

Niall: Yes, a big tour up and down the calendar ahah It must have been magical to grow up while the Beatles were still together.

Dharmabum: Oh, I'm glad too. Have a fantastic 2008, bum :)