Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 questions Meme

A while ago...Kimananda had a personalized meme with 5 questions. The rules are simple: you reply to the questions and then the readers may request you to ask them 5 different questions.

Here are the five questions she sent me today:

1) It's been a joy to see your interest in astrology blossom in your blog and now your new business. What I want to know is about the early days. How did you first get into astrology and what has helped you maintain your interest over time?

As many things in our lives, Astrology was a transmitted disease. My mother always enjoyed it, so the subject was never too far away from home. She had some books that I read and, even though it wasn't a constant concern of hers, it made me accept Astrology as something to explore and not look at it as nonsense. I remember always being very interested on astrologers that came up on TV and absorbing everything they said.
I guess what keeps us interested in anything is the hope that we can get more out of it than we have already. It is the case with Astrology, there was always more to read, to explore, to observe, that's why I got even more into it lately. Above all Astrology responded to my need to understand things about myself and try to deal a little better with them.

2) Speaking of new businesses, what are your hopes and dreams for your Astrology blog? Where would you like it to go, and what would you like to get out of this exciting endeavor?

I'm keeping my feet on the ground on this one, which is a first! I hope it works and this includes that people take it seriously, take me seriously and, if they decide to request my services, that they are pleasantly surprised with them, not disappointed. My goal would be to keep busy doing something I like and feeling that what I do is worth something to people - does that sound too perfect? Well, work should be like that, in my opinion.

3) Along with great thoughts on the connection between the stars and ourselves, you also accompany your posts with beautiful photographs. How would you characterize a good blog visual, and how do you decide which visuals go best with which posts?

Wow, Kim, you're not shy on the compliments ;) That's a difficult question. I think the decision about the photographs is mostly intuitive. Generally, I don't post a image that I find ugly or disturbing, even if my post is ugly or disturbing. I try to find something that is fitting to the general theme but there was a time when I always posted an image and that made it more difficult to always follow the rule.

A good blog design is pleasant to the eye (I don't mean beautiful, but easy to read), personalized and simple - too many words, links, images, stickers make it look like a very old suitcase (those are lovely but not to read in them).

4) It's clear from what you write that music is extremely important to you. What sorts of music are you longing for at this stage in your life, and why?

Oh music! :) I'm more connected to roots at this stage, folk, regional music. For example, this fantastic band from Napoli called Spaccanapoli. I love Arab music. Music with different instruments, different languages preferably, different atmospheres. And tango because I dream of Argentina. I literally daydream about it - the other day I was walking in the street and almost got caught by a car thinking about Buenos Aires. That's not me. Not me at all.

5) I couldn't help but notice the Magician in your blog header, which of course reminds me that tarot is also one of your interests. Do you have a particular card that most resonates with you? If so, why? If not, would you like to have one?

Yes, I do! How do you know? It's the High Priestess from the Mythic Tarot (seen above). This deck mixes the cards with Ancient Myths and the H.P. is Persephone. I don't know exactly why I identify with her but she looks a bit like me physically and it's a card about the unconscious, the under world. How it contains both darkness and creative potential. She is the part of us that knows the secrets of our inner world, but she never tells. I like it.

Thanks for the questions, Kim! Now does anyone desire to be questioned? I'll be glad to.


kimananda said...

Hey, that was quick! I'll be back to make more cogent comments when I'm fully awake and done with work. For now, I'll just comment how cool it is that your High Priestess is also named in Korean. :-)

Rub said...

I like this idea! It gives a more intensive insight into who you are.
You can always question me if you're inspired to. I would love it.
I identify alot with the high priestess too, by the way.

Violet said...

LOL! Sorry, the last comment was from me, I didn't noticed I wasn't logged in. That's my bf's ID. :)

Stephanie said...

Good questions & good answers. Not only it it a transmitted disease, but you have a good intuition for the astrology. I hope the new web site does well!

I'll play if you'd like. Bring on the questions.

dharmabum said...

ok, i've been way too much out of touch. a new template, a new business, way to go devil!

sooner or later, i'm gonna send you my profile and ask you to tell me something interesting, even though i don't pursue astrology actively :)

Devil Mood said...

Kim: You made interesting questions,that's why I wanted to respond so swiftly :)

Violet: LOL I was wondering how I was going to ask questions to someone I don't even know ;)

Stephanie: Ok, girl. I will get some questions out of my hat for you.

Dharmabum: Some changes, still the same person here. Ok, you're the boss :)

Holy Chaos said...

I love all types of music(except country-lol)!

I love the harpischord!

Ryan wrote a cello piece that is accompanied by the harpiscohrd.

madelyn said...

I am popping over to that
astrology link of your
lovely business and
i have to say
this blog is GORGEOUS!

Ps said...

Really nice to read about your interest in astrologyand how it grew.All the very best for Astroskies.
You can ask me questions--I find it a good thinking exercise.

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: Did he? How creative! You must be really proud!

Madelyn: Thanks, sweetie!

PS: I will try to come up with some interesting ones for you!

Niall said...

Interpreting the various cards of the Tarot deck has been a fascination for musicians of my all time favourite albums is by ex Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett called 'the Voyage Of The Acolyte'

I 'd love to be 'interviewed' too..ask away my friend!(what a great idea Kim!)

Devil Mood said...

Niall, is that Cd from the 80s? 80s rock has a certain fascination with the middle ages, hasn't it? But it's interesting that he was inspired by that. I didn't know!