Monday, February 25, 2008

Solid ground - Venus in Earth signs

Extreme - More Than Words
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I'm posting this video for various reasons.
#1 - it's very easy on the eyes (and not bad on the ears). I'm glad Nuno Bettencourt wasn't my type in my teenage years because this could have been dangerous. These days I don't have a type and that's very enjoyable.
#2 - Even though these two aren't included in my "study", I noticed the guitarist Nuno has Venus in Virgo while Gary, the vocalist, has Venus in Gemini. From what I gather this song was written by both but it sounds very odd to me that someone with Venus in Gemini would say they want "more than words", I'm thinking the opposite would be more appropriate. So perhaps Nuno came up with the idea, or perhaps Gary has a very unconscious Venus in his life (it happens).
#3 - Anyhow, More Than Words (and the need for a more concrete expression of love) it's an excellent motto for Venus in Earth signs which I will analyse further on. I'm going to try to look into what Venus in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn has to offer, which is, in many ways, contrary to what we observed on Venus in Fire signs.

Venus in Earth actually likes [Edit: substitute 'likes' with 'isn't allergic to', I stand corrected Kimananda] commitments (!) and doesn't jump into a relationship at the blink of an eye. These people appreciate things that are solid, palpable and built to last, so you can forget all those Fiery castles in the air, the what-ifs and the dramatic, silky, almost-perfect plumes of Fiery Venus.

Venus in Earth relationships are for real. They exist and they are palpable and in order for this to happen you need to be there, right there, don't run away and travel to find yourself, Venus-in-Sagittarius-person! It doesn't work like that.

If you love Venus in Earth you need to show her/him. We're not necessarily talking about a Ferrari and a diamond ring, more like gestures that reflect your commitment, your willingness to work for this relationship and to be reliable.
In return they are there for you. Their physical presence is proof enough of their commitment, so don't ask for more. If they decided to break their routines to be with you, take it as a compliment and expect a faithful companion.

Earth doesn't like change, it likes comfort and can become very accustomed to the situations they are comfortable with. Which to some people may mean boring, but if you're involved with a Venus in Earth you probably rank stability high in your priorities, or so you should ;)

Being the astrological element more connected with the physical reality and since Venus is the planet of love, the logical conclusion indicates Venus in Earth signs to be especially good lovers. Earth types are usually more comfortable in their own bodies and this is naturally reflected in the physical expression of love. This is also why Venus is frequently captured looking in the mirror. The signs ruled by this planet (Taurus and Libra) enjoy looking their best at all times.

Venus in Taurus in detail is now available on my astrology blog.


Niall said...

Great song!

'Not neceserily a diamond or Ferrari'?..thank goodness for that!

Yoli said...

Hello from a fello Sagittarious. I found you via Persisting Stars.

kimananda said...

Hmmm...not sure about the Venus in Earth signs and commitment. I'll have to see how you pull that one together. :-) The rest seems pretty true to life though.

Devil Mood said...

Niall: Are you "affected" by Venus in Earth in your home? ;)

Yoli: Hello fellow Sagde :) Thanks for visiting! Glad you found me.

Kim: I've made a little edit to my post. I meant that they don't run away from them like the devil to a cross (in principle) but I misphrased it!

Lorena said...

well it's been awhile since i listened to this song and i still love it! :)
pisces are hopeless romantics like me and very emotional!!

Violet said...

I love this song and this video! Hadn't seen it in years, a decade almost. so cool.
your comment about them being mercury ruled signs and saying "more than words" makes me think of how astrology works in axis rather than in signs. everything is their opposite. and we're aware of different perspectives along our lifes. maybe they just realized words can be empty and meaningless. even a gemini should realize that sometime, right? they problably don't care though.

as a venus in earth myself, i think you captured the essence pretty well. stability is the priority, reliability. we all like certain things but the priorities change according to the type of venus. venus in fire wants passion. earth wants stability. water wants intimacy, air wants company. and we all want all of those. I identify with earth and water mostly.

kimananda said...

Yeah, that definitely makes sense! I laughed out loud at your correction...I feel all important now. ;-) I look forward to reading about Taurus a bit later today.

Devil Mood said...

Lorena: My God, you're a Pisces too! I was just saying the other day how I seem to be surrounded by them. Glad you liked the video. :)

Violet: Yes, that's it: the theme is there - words - how they approach it (useless or meaningful) isn't the most important thing. Thanks for phrasing what I knew was true but didn't come to my mind ;) We Mercury-Saturn types should help ourselves hehe.
I'm a Fire-water person, no doubt about it.
And Nuno comes from an island near yours - isn't this neat? :D

Kim: lol Good! I think the ironic tone I was trying to convey made me choose the wrong words.

Ps said...

Loved to learn about Venus in earth.I am thinking of people who i know who have Venus in earth(including me despite being a fire sign) and your description fits to a T.

sirbarrett said...

I played this song once for a wedding shower and it went over well. This song seems about not having to say the words but showing through action that one belongs in a relationship of love.

So we have an astrologist on our hands?

neith said...

Lovely song, even lovelier men . . . what can i say, i have always had a preference for dark men with long black hair (my mars is in Scorpio). :-D

you are doing wonderful things with this series on Venus in the signs.

missalister said...

Actions speak louder than words and Nuno Bettencourt’s countenance disengaged the whole left side of my brain. Good god he’s such finely chiseled perfection... I think I remember enjoying the rest of your post...

Devil Mood said...

PS: That's great! I will come to Venus in Capricorn soon, don't despair ;)

SirBarrett: That's a good song for a wedding. I'm not sure you have me on your hands; do you have a portable laptop? ;)

Neith: Thanks. That's curious because my Dad had hair like that once and my Mum has Mars in Scorpio. ;) Glad you liked it.

MissAlister: hahaha you made me giggle! I understand. I have trouble watching some shots of that video without gaping.