Saturday, March 29, 2008

SS - Out of this World

It is only natural that we look at the night sky, watch the stars and wonder if there is another life-form out there in the immense space that surrounds us. We are full of questions and our Creator granted us with the powerful tool of imagination.

Sometimes thinking of these possibilities may even be an escape. Because when we look at our World and see some things that are happening, we want to look elsewhere. Because these things, in our planet, are so absurd that they seem out of this World.

To my regular readers, I apologize for making two posts about the same subject but itseems very fitting that I should mention the current situation in Zimbabwe again. The polls have closed today and only a few cameras were allowed to be inside the country. They showed us lines of people peacefully queuing to cast their vote. They showed the confident 84 year old (ruler) President smiling. Other cameras showed people escaping through barbed-wired fencing to South Africa.

The results will only be known in a few days. Naturally, the elections are being questioned by the opposition parties. Some people have described how Mugabe bribed people to vote for him by giving them food and television sets. More serious even, was the threat of food cuts for the rural areas if people didn't vote for him.

It seems unlikely that Mugabe will lose the elections. First of all, would he ever allow the results to be stated if it was so? And even if he did lose, in a fair election, there are fears that the military forces will still defend his rule and cause enormous upheaval.

In the meantime, people are starving, unemployed, hopeless and ill. But there is no war, there isn't an open conflict and so the international community keeps quiet.

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Greyscale Territory said...

The Zimbabwe situation is right in the very heart of this world and yet the world knows it not.

Very fitting for "out of this world."

My heart goes out to all those in Zimbabwe struggling with physical need and strength of spirit right now.


Rositta said...

I just saw the news and the opposition says they've won. NOT... one candidate showed the CBC reporter clear election fraud where hundreds of people lined up to vote for the ruling party, problem was the addresses on the election for is empty grassland. When questioned they admitted that Mugabe is "giving" them this land if they go and vote for him.
A note to greyscale territory...the world knows, there's just not a hell of a lot we an do about it. What do we do, go in bomb the hell out of them or do we cut off aid and let people starve. What is the solution because I sure as heck don't know...ciao and sorry for the rant.

Granny Smith said...

Otto and I visited Zimbabwe in the last days of Rhodesia, when people of goodwill, especially those at the university, were already calling it Zimbabwe. For a while in the time after it was liberated, it seemed to me to be a symbol of hope. How disillusioned I became, and how sad.

Yet in some ways it is symbolic of our whole topsy-turvy world. Kenya's civil war shocked us too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending all the love and peace and good vibes I can muster to those trapped in Zimbabwe. This post makes me feel sad, but I know it's necessary to be aware of the reality of other people's lives.

anthonynorth said...

Can I just point out that the international POLITICAL community keeps quiet. Speaking from the UK I can tell you that many of the people here are raging about what's happening in Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

such evil energy...


tumblewords said...

For all the talk of freedom and equality, we seem to be moving backward - almost at a steady pace. The media - responsible for some - and the general malaise of the citizens of the globe contribute to the rest of the 'do nothing' attitude.

Devil Mood said...

Greyscale Territory - That was my point exactly, thanks for dropping by.

Rositta: Well, to be fair, I didn't know the extent of the situation until this week, so I understand what Greyscale meant.
It does seem that whatever the result of the elections is, nothing miraculous will happen and that's what we needed, I think.

Granny Smith: Hi. Yes, Zimbabwe was one of the hopes of Africa for some time but it seems that choices of politicians have destroyed that hope. I imagine it must be particularly heartbreaking if you've been there.

Chrispito: Being aware seems like a good starting point for this, we can't ignore it. Violet sometimes says that the World needs light and I agree.

Anthony: I imagine it must be because it is a former british colony...if that was happening in Angola we'd probably talk more about it over here.
To be fair, there was a EU-Africa summit last year here in Portugal and Mugabe was shamefully invated, but your Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, refused to be here. So it's not all bad.

WDS: It does seem that way.

Tumblewords: It's difficult, we don't know what to do exactly, do we?

fb said...

Its sometimes very difficult to get out of our own worlds and to see the world and what is going on around us.

So even if its here what your post has done is to take us out of her own confusion and to step outside and consider others even if its just by being aware of them.

Does that make some sort of sense?

Miladysa said...

The police were in the polling stations to 'assist' the 'infirm' if required. They did this by watching over the shoulders of those who voted.

Mugabe said his conscience would not allow him to sleep if HE cheated in the election. Does he possess one?

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

I must say that I am embarassed to admit that I'm from the friendly neighbouring country that subscribes to 'quiet diplomacy'.

Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of Africa. I'd like to believe that it could be again, some day. Things will have to become worse before they become better, though.

Rositta said...

I didn't mean to offend, when I said the world knows I mostly meant the world leaders. Most ordinary people don't know everything that's going on, they have lives, jobs kids etc. When young people bring things out amongst the blogosphere and engage in discussions the chances are more people will speak up....ciao

Jennifer Hicks said...

thanks for drawing my lens to zimbabwe..thoughtful post. great!

susiej said...

Beautifully written, thought provoking, enlightening, and so terribly devastating.

missalister said...

LOL! We’re on the same page for SS #104, the absurdities apparent in this world! Different takes, of course. I considered your first two paragraphs perhaps more profound than your Zimbabwe message, in that behind those paragraphs I feel the answer to everything lies...can feel it but like most, I can’t see it, and that is the grand conundrum...

Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

Other worlds, that is what seems to be the problem, we are so disconnected. Thank you for the change of focus.

kimananda said...

It's hard to know what to think of situations like in Zimbabwe. But it's definitely better to focus on that than on possible but unproven life in space.

Thank you for posting on the same subject twice. It is a deserving topic.

Ps said...

Wonder how this situation can be resolved.There are absolutely no simple solutions.The whole International community should unite--but it won't.
I feel most for the innocent people the ordinary citizens who have to bear the brunt of it all.

Devil Mood said...

FB: Said by an Aries it makes perfect sense! Truly! It's really hard for Aries to step out of their own points of view, it's not egotism, it's just how the mind works.

Miladysa: It's hard to tell! I don't want to play the age-card but he's 84, he's been in power for 28 years, I think people lose the sense of their place on earth. They think they own everything...

Electric Orchid Hunter: That's a chilling thing to say but unfortunately I agree. How tragic!

Rositta: It's fine! You're right, the world leaders must know a lot more than we do...

Jennifer: You're welcome :)

SusieJ: Thanks and thanks for dropping by.

Missalister: Oh you're back on SS, great! :) I'm glad you liked it, you seem to see through my writing ;)

Beatriz: Each of us has our own little World, don't we?

Kim: I wish there was a thrid post with good news but nothing yet!

PS: No, it's not easy at all! *sigh*

Violet said...

Thank u for quoting me :)I love quotes, so I'm problably quoting someone on that.

"be the change you want to see in the world"
I think this is important, because it can be very frustrating to not be able to change the world, but we can focus on changing ourselves and maybe that's all we have to do.
I'm remembering a story of a therapist in hawaii that healed and regenerated hundreds of prisioners by going inside himself and healing himself, finding why this reality was his. Oponolopo, or something similar, it was called. I've posted in my blog the story some time ago.
They say we create our own reality.
Maybe it's less frustrating to think this way. And it does make alot of sense once you know a bit about psychology and the laws of the universe.

Devil Mood said...

Violet: Changing the world is hard and perhaps impossible but changing ourselves isn't so much easier neither!
I agree that we create our own reality but in this case isn't it a bit autistic to think like that?
I don't know. I'm sleepy ;)

Violet said...

Maybe the autists are right! Who knows...
I think there's more reason to it than comon sense makes you realize.
Our attention is selective. Negative people see the glass half empty..and etc. We see what we beleive to a big degree. I don't think it's 100% though.
But anyway. This is me living my aquarius versus leo thing. and house 1 versus 7.

Holy Chaos said...

it is beyond what I can comprehend the lives that some people in Africa live.

I have a friend whose parents used to live in Zimbabwe

i agree with rositta
i wish i could go there and gather up as many babies as my arms can hold and bring them back here... but that would be like tring to stop a dam from breaking with only one sand bag..

it is frustrating

any ideas????

Devil Mood said...

Holy chaos: Oh babies! You and your babies ;) Unfortunately, like you said, that wouldn't resolve all the problems. The country needs to be reestructured and that takes time and a lot of effort.