Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Venus in Aquarius ...as the muse

Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus
I have a face I cannot show,
I make the rules up as I go,
It's try and love me if you can,
Are you strong enough to be my man?
(Sheryl Crow)

The final Air Sign, Aquarius, is probably the most difficult to pin down as we're dealing with a sign that is the master of the unconventional. So how do we explain love (Venus) when it's exactly what we don't expect (Aquarius)?

We can start by establishing that these people seek unconventional relationships and don't like to go by the rules. In fact, Aquarius (being co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn) usually make their own rules, so you'd better be prepared to deal with an independent partner. Janis Joplin (Capricorn Sun) warns: I ain't the kind of woman who'd make your life a bed of ease. But if you just wanna go out drinking, honey, won't you invite me along please. Dido (also a Capricorn) presents herself: I am what I am, I'll do what I want. She explains: if you tell me that i can't, i will, i will I'll try all night and if I say i'm coming home, i'll probably be out all night. Sheryl Crow (Sun in Aquarius) asks: Why should I solidify? and she tears down all illusions about her: I guess you thought I'd I'd seed my clouds with the rain of your personal dreams, I guess you thought I'd throw confetti at your parade of lofty thoughts. Brilliant methaphors, don't you think?
Usually their own rules follow their very high principles of how the World should be, or in the specific case of Venus in Aquarius how love should be. Yes, they've probably given it a lot of thought and have high ideals of love, which they'll try very hard to maintain.

Aquarius is the paradigm of Air signs, constantly distracted by ideas (Dave Matthews, Capricorn Sun, writes: My head won't leave my head alone and I don't believe it will until I'm dead and gone), trying to figure out the logic and explanation of things and having futuristic visions about the Ideal World. They are concerned with Mankind (listen to Janis Joplin: Believe in your brother, have faith in man, help each other honey if you can) and with Venus in Aquarius they'll love people, they're even prepared to sacrifice their interests in favour of a wider benefit. Sheryl Crow explains: The World will turn even when we're gone, the Earth will host many souls to come. Remember that this sign opposites individuality-centered Leo, here the Collective is more important.

And yet they might love people and not love the individuals. They might be too busy trying to live by their principles to stop and get to know themselves and the people around them. They seem a bit aloof because they have difficulties relating to others. Remember that being an Air sign they don't deal well with emotions, these seem contrary to logic and so they fear and repress them. Here's Sheryl Crow worrying about that: Afraid of feeling nothing, No bees or butterflies. It may be endearing (or not) to find someone who is so brilliant in terms of ideas and so completely clueless and naive in emotional areas. You can thus expect a Venus in Aquarius lover to be anything but romantic, mushy and emotional - all these things seem unreasonable to them and they'll run from emotional scenes and teary-eyed partners like a cat from a bath.

Instead what they seek and need from a relationship is plenty of space to express their originality and individuality, someone who they can talk to and that they find interesting, a lot of tolerance and understanding. They are happy to provide all of this in return, as Dave Matthews testifies: Do what you will always, walk where you like, your steps, do as you please, I'll back you up. Yes, I mentioned space, as they need personal freedom at all times (I lost count of the times the word free came up at the lyrics, but here's some examples: For this queen you think you own wants to be a hunter again, wants to see the world alone again, to take a chance on live again, so let me go/ the crown you placed upon my head feels too heavy now (Dido); You're gonna take care of yours, I'll take care of mine + Either take this love I offer or honey let me be (Janis Joplin); but to Venus in Aquarius, love can be a source of freedom too: torn up and tied, you free me/ And if you see me could you free me with a smile so I can let go. (Sheryl Crow) she adds: There's beauty in release.

Above all what they want from a partner is a friend; someone that is supportive and loyal. It's easier to keep things near the ideal with a friend than with a lover, right? Venus in Aquarius keeps it friendly with their loved ones; they don't play games of seduction, they're too honest and even clumsy in their seduction techniques. Dido says it all about their ways of thinking with this piece: I know you think that I shouldn't still love you or tell you that, But if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it, Where's the sense in that? I love this bit.

They'll want to be admired by their unique and unconventional ways and will also be attracted by people with this profile, someone with whom they can share visions of a better future and have a varied time. Venus in Aquarius is easily bored: Dave Matthews sings: Oh I want to change it. Dido writes: I'm tired and bored of waiting for you/I'm bored of hanging out in your cold and she sighs: Oh Lord, please finally, finally things are changing.
Sheryl Crow sings: "A change would do you good" and also "All I wanna do is have some fun". In her song Run Baby Run she sings about someone running from the old: past the arms of the familiar...to the comfort of the strangers slipping out before they say so long/searching through the stations for an unfamiliar song (there's thirst for the new).

Perhaps this is why I found so many lyrics about moving on. Dido: When I feel lost I just slip away...take my things and go and think what's the point? + I haven't ever really found a place that I call home, I never stick around quite long enough to make it + I'm gonna leave tonight before I change my mind. Sheryl Crow's Leaving Las Vegas fits this theme perfectly: Took your car and drove to Texas, sorry honey but I suspected we were through ...these days it seems that nowhere is far enough away. In another song she writes: Maybe we all could use a little grace to know when to run and when to stay in one place. Also: Since I left been feeling better cause that's what you get when you stay together too long - so is this boredom we're talking about? Perhaps Janis Joplin had the key: I keep moving on but I never found out why, I keep pushing so hard the dream, I keep trying to make it right. Searching for the ideal perhaps?

Have you got Venus in Aquarius?


kimananda said...

I'm so into these posts...when you finish with Venus, will you do any other planets? Or Venus in other media (like painting, or film)?

missalister said...

YES! another muse study!!! And ditto Kimananda’s question!

Ooh, I like that Cheryl Crow song at the beginning! My verses would definitely be along those lines, something like:

I refuse to take your flack
but insist that you take mine
and give me love as payback
the kind of love they say is blind

Aw, I’m not that evil. But I swear I feel as independent as these Venus in Aquarius folks. I guess the real truth is that I feel that independent but I’m really like a little kid that walks away from her parents with one eye on them making sure they won’t let her get too far away.

I loved so many of these lyrics—the clouds and confetti, my head won’t leave my head alone, the where’s the sense in that? bit—and I cracked up when I read the expression, “like a cat from a bath.” I don’t know why… I guess it’s the image I have in my head of the poor wet pissed-off creature…

Violet said...

I love all these lyrics! DAve mathews and Dido are on my top favorite. I really liked sheryl's too, I don't know her music much though. She freaks me out a bit though, she doesn't know what she wants. does she have venus in aqua as well as the sun? Aquarius suns change their minds about love suddenly, I find them to be a very lost in love matters.

I love venus in aquarius. I agree with alll you've said about them. I was going to add something but i don't remember anymore.
My cousin/housemate has it as do some of my best friends. I think Dave Mathews sums it up perfectly in his lyrics, he's so authentic, soulful, original and brilliant.

dharmabum said...

very interesting stuff, devil. its fascinating the way you have put together things - loved the varied references to people in this post...

i'm a little ignorant about these things..i started reading it coz my sis is an aquarius, but found most quotes from capricorns? i'm a capricorn myself, have no idea about the venus bit, but feel awfully independent most of the times.

Devil Mood said...

Kim: I don't think so, unless a very good idea comes along. These posts are so demanding, I keep wondering why I'm going through with them. At the same time it wouldn't feel right if I didn't.

MissAli (I keep finding variations to your nickname), please tell me what the appropriate english expression is because I tried finding it and I couldn't - to run from something like sth from sth...but what?
Rest assured that I will reward you for being such a loyal reader of the Muse posts with a fabulous Venus in Pisces article to end it all. :)
I really liked the lyrics for this article too!

Violet: I should have read more Dave Matthews' lyrics, my search wasn't as thorough as usual, but there were a lot of songwriters with Venus in Aquarius and I was getting impatient. Plus I always end up with such an amount of lyrics that I have to leave half behind!
I'm a bit divided with Sheryl Crow, don't like her sound much in general but her first album is fantastic and I really like her lyrics as a whole. I was actually thinking that I didnt know anyone with Aquarian Venus but maybe I haven't looked hard enough. It certainly wouldn't be a good match for me romantically but I can't say I don't find it interesting!

Dharmabum: you should go to that link at the end of the post, where you can consult a table and see if you have Venus in Aquarius, it's very likely that you do, being a Capricorn. These posts are about the sign Venus was in by the time people were born - usually people know their Sun sign only, Capricorn in your case, but Venus might have a different sign :)

Devil Mood said...

Violet: I've just checked and Sheryl Crow has a massive stellium in Aquarius: Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun, Jupiter!!!

Violet said...

That makes alot of sense doesn't it? She takes aquarius to the extreme.
"These days nowhere seems far enough" and all the other quotes. It does freak me out. I've been a victim of an aquarius. My first love actually. They're scary. :)

dharmabum said...

i'm gonna find the time and all and send it across to u...u seem like this mystic to me...maybe u shud tel me a couple of things about myself :)
wil u please?

missalister said...

Go for it with the nickname variations! I’m game!
Great news about the Venus in Pisces article!!!!!!! It’s obvious to me how much work you put into these studies. I’m so glad you do them, but I understand what you wrote to Kimananda. I do a bit of research for each of my posts and I know research can get really old really fast.
Oh I wish I could be helpful with the expression you’re looking for. I don’t know that many. Maybe that’s why I like yours so much, like “easy as peas” and this cat one as examples that easily spring to mind!

Devil Mood said...

Violet: oh a victim, that's a strong word! I think for people with Water Aquarius apparent indifference can be nervewrecking!

Dharmabum: I already suggested you did that many many months ago...so I'm waiting, sir.

MissA: I can imagine your posts would take me weeks to finish, sometimes I feel bad that they stay quietly in your blog and aren't spread in a newspaper for more people to read.

missalister said...

Yeah, a newspaper... Now you’re talkin’ Ms. Mood! Well, who wouldn’t rather be making money at what they’d rather be doing, eh?! LOL!

Devil Mood said...

Ms. Alister: I know!!

Violet said...

victim isn't that strong.
imagine being in love for the very first time, everything is perfect and then u get a call from his friend saying he doesn't love u anymore, and doesn't know how to tell u.
that same person dated someone else for 2 years and then broke things up a day before the wedding saying he never really loved her. both victims thought they would die.
the author was an aquarius with pisces venus. does victim seem that strong? :)

Devil Mood said...

Violet: No. Especially not to me, I'm very inclined to using dramatic life or death terms like that with venus in scorpio :P Sounds like a no-boundaries venus in pisces there, terrible :( I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Violet said...

Thank you.
Marco Paulo has venus in pisces :P:P :)
they can have very different meanings according to each person's chart.

Devil Mood said...

LOL!! That's valuable information! I wonder if he writes his own songs,I could still include him in my articles hehe

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