Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Latest update

clouds are gone for now...

Here's the latest update on what goes on in my World these days.

- Football. It's inevitable. First of all, I like it. Second of all, even if I didn't, I'd be surrounded by excited people screaming: Por-tu-gal! Por-tu-gal! everywhere I look. So it's better to embrace it and enjoy it and so far it's going surprisingly well. Lastly, Scolari is going to Chelsea and I can't help but rejoice.

- Summer has arrived and that includes first barbecues, with lots of people, sardines and salad.

- I'm busy preparing for a Craft's fair I'll be attending this weekend.

- The football cannot disguise the fact that this country is in shambles. Last week it was the fishermen who were on strike, now it's the transportation veihicles. This means that most gas stations are now out of fuel, supermarkets are out of fresh items and one person has been killed when hit by a truck. I've lost count of the number of strikes and demonstrations there were in the last few years but they're too many.

- I gave up coffee last week. I didn't think I could do that but it has been a piece of cake, simply because I seem to have gone off it one day. I am strange.


Violet said...

isn't it strange, on one hand people rejoicing over the success in football, on the other hand people fighting and dying for a cause that is affecting us all.
today I went to the supermarket to get some chicken for my dog, and the guy told me "we're out of chicken, our driver was killed" :|
He says 3 more people were killed today.
i'm out of gas and chicken.
By the way, do u eat sardines?
I'm getting addicted to coffee I think. No bad side to it so far.

Vesper de Vil said...

good to know what you've been up to! let us know how the craft fair goes! :)

missalister said...

Sounds simply marvelous minus the sardines and the shambles.
Only one little teensy tiny day off the coffee with no repercussions, eh? Hold on girl, if you’re a real caffeine addict, the best is yet to come!
Ditto vesper de vil re: the craft fair!!!

dharmabum said...

not strange, devil. its actually quite easy to give up things. its about doing it, now. i do it for a couple of months almost every year. yet, at other times, people think i am completely addicted to cigarettes and booze :)

Holy Chaos said...

hmm. for some it is easy to give up stuff, for others not so.

good visiting your blog. that is sad about the driver,gas and chickens.

i think i am pretty spoiled here where i live.

Niall said...

Well...not so different here!..Petrol tankers strike this weekend, I've been eating sardines today and football is (despite all home teams not being in euro 2008)all over the papers and telly.

I'm amazed you were able to give up on caffiene so easily..I tried it once and had terrible headaches...

The Scollari news for you therefore must be good.
I heard today Derby County have made 7 new signings this month already!

Miladysa said...

As I am reading my hubby is watching football *sigh*

Do you feel better for having given up the coffee? I noticed that I suffered less migraine when I gave it up myself.

Have a great weekend DM :-D

Devil Mood said...

Violet: Really? I only heard of one,I think, at least in the day I wrote the post. How odd. You must have your things by now, but gas must have ...grrr how do you say, fazer-te falta?
Yes, I eat sardines and fish in general.

Vesper: Will do!

MissAlister: No, it's been over a week without coffee (well, I had one on Sunday just because) but honestly I don't miss it. You don't like sardines? They were really good.

Dharmabum: So you fool them very successfully then :) Perhaps you're right.

Holychaos: Yes, I think so. I think there must be something biological that makes people more addicted than others. Apart from psychological, of course.

Niall: Wow, 7 signings, hope they're good! Perhaps I wasn't that addicted to caffeine, it's strange. I'm detoxing now, feels good.

Miladysa: So far I've been feeling good. I'm hoping that it will help my migraines too because I have them sometimes and they're unbearable. Plus I heard that caffeine takes a lot of time to be eliminated from a woman's body and I thought: that's it, bye coffee.
You too!

Violet said...

that's what the guy said. I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't laughing.
the gas is back.. I filled the tank, 70 euros :|
the chickens are still gone though.
at least yesterday.

Devil Mood said...

Violet: I find that Mercury being retrograde really isn't helping anybody!!

Chloe said...

i saw the strikes on tv. europe is sinking fast.
good for you for going off coffee. are you having anything else in its place, or do you just wake up and feel ready to take on the world?

Violet said...

Yeah, i thought of mercury retrograde too..
i'm worried. i think it will get worst. fuel rules the world. this might be the 2008-2012 crisis astrologers are predicting.
Lasst year i was talking to a friend about it, and he said he thought it would be a crisis in fuel. Now we've seen it does affect most areas of survival.
it's making everything more expensive.

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: To be fair, the only coffee I had was after lunch, so my mornings stay the same (which leads me to think that perhaps I should take coffee in the morning lol). No I'm not substituting it with anything.

Violet: Unfortunately I also expect many many fuel crisis until we've resolved our complete dependece from it. When? When?