Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Letter

My dearest blog,

I have been bad. In fact, I suck. I forgot your birthday and I know a late letter simply won't do to make up for the fact that I've neglected you. It's been three years and now you walk and talk perfectly on your own. I don't need to take care of you like I used to before, or perhaps I have to take care of you differently.

I miss the early days, the blog mojo, the posts without a single comment that were still important nonetheless. So much has changed since then.

I am willing to make this work and feed you beyond these three years but if that isn't possible I'll say it was undoubtedly a very nice experience.

Have a piece of cake and again forgive my forgetfulness, June is a month full of birthdays, almost too many to remember.

Yours truly,
Devil Mood
Photo licensed by BigPru on Flickr.


alister said...

What a cool way to address this delicate issue. But here’s my bet: your blog itself even forgot its birthday, but now that you mention it, “Hey!... Oh, but it’s OK. I can’t hate you, although I have tried. I still really, really love you. Love is stronger than pride.”

June 16… Happy belated Birthday, LISTP!


Devil Mood said...

Oh Alister, DM and LISTP thank you from the bottom of our (organic/virtual) hearts. You rock! So cool that you included the lyrics, I was thinking: I recognize this from somewhere... lol

Violet said...

it's great to have started a blog with sun in gemini :)
do u miss not having comments?
I guess it gives a feeling of privacy, but it can be lonely.

Devil Mood said...

Violet: Yes, I know a bunch of Gemini blogs, it figures. I don't miss not having comments but the fact that it didn't matter that I didn't. That has changed! lol

Vesper de Vil said...

i'm sure...and i definitely hope...that you get your blog mojo back. :)

kimananda said...

Happy belated birthday, dearest blog! I've been neglecting you as well (not to even talk about how much I've neglected my own almost-3 year old blog), but that's o.k. Quantity is only a small part of the blog experience.

Cynthia said...


Devil Mood said...

Vesper: Hope so too. Thanks :)

Kim: That's true about the quantity. Thanks and I believe your neglect is very understandable.

Cynthia: Thanks!

david santos said...

Thanks for your posting.
Happy day

susiej said...

Happy Birthday... belated. I am terrible at remember and honoring this kind of thing -- even for people who matter.

Niall said...

Dear 'Love is Stronger Than Pride'I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy (if belated) birthday.I am a blog whose author often forgets to care for me..i sit here out in cyberspace, floating in the ether and it often amazes me that since we exist ..we are here for eternity...our messages radiating out into space to be read by some baffled and confused race of hyper itelligent shades of blue somewhere in the Horsehead Nebulae.your author actually really loves you..she is a kind and thoughtful individual who does spend time away from her computer from time to time, because she actually has a life to live.But I speak on behalf of my author who because of your presence here on the World Wide Web..would never have come into contact and learnt more about Portugal/astrology/Football/East Enders/ and some wonderful music.

So here's to the next 3 years...may you and your wonderful author continue ..

With love, 'Dancing For Beginners'

Dr.John said...

Three years. Wow! So many die after the first one or two.

Devil Mood said...

Thank you David, happy day to you too.

SusieJ: I used to be better at this, I think I'm getting old lol

Dancing for beginners: (from LISTP) hey mate! *wink* it's true, sometimes we stay here in limbo and nobody seems to care but our digital selves must learn to be patient and grow better with age, like good wine :)

Dr.John: that's true, I've witnesses many wither but it doesn't have to be that way...

dharmabum said...

way to go! this is a sweet post :)