Sunday, June 01, 2008

notice anything odd?

Temperature forecast for tomorrow (maximum temperatures)

Frankfurt - 28º
Vienna - 29º
Paris- 23º
London - 20º
Madrid - 22º
Stockholm - 27º
Budapest - 29º
Moscow - 20º
Rome - 28º
Athens - 29º
Warsaw - 26º
Zagreb - 28º

Porto - 18º


kimananda said...

Sounds about right to me. When I lived in Lisbon, I learned that it's always cold and rainy in Porto. Now, at least the cold part is confirmed. ;-)

Devil Mood said...

Kim: I hope you're kidding because that's a Lisbon cuckoo-land idea.

Ps said...

PUNE --38 degrees!!! And they say the summer has been kind this year as the temperatures only touched 40!!Last year it went to 42 and 43.
We set our airconditioners to 24! :)
I so want to be in porto right now!

Dr.John said...

Where is Porto?

Devil Mood said...

PS: I completely understand and reading that so do I :) I melt in the heat...

Dr.John: Porto is in Portugal, Western Europe.

Scholiast said...

You forgot to mention Oslo - 25º (at least!). But that was Sunday. Today is reported to be about 30º!

You really should come visit :)

Niall said...

I do notice that the UK Midlands and Moscow are the same!..please could all you baking Europeans and Indians send some warm stuff up here?

Devil Mood said...

Scholiast: I didn't forget but I had to select only a few cities. I'd rather go there when it's milder, if you don't mind, I get enough heat over here on a regular basis. ;)

Niall: Only Ireland has lowest temperatures right now. It's odd. But things are starting to change today, it's getting a little warmer.

Chloe said...

you are colder than Moscow. I am confused! People are going swimming here and running around naked.

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: lol Well, this was last week. Right now normal services are resumed, meaning it's finally Summer!