Monday, September 08, 2008

in the air (tonight)

Apologies for the lack of quality of these photos. The sky was simply too clear and white-ish to be able to capture little planes.

These crazy things were doing the opening show for the Red Bull Air Race and they made a right spectacle of themselves all weekend over my skies. Unfortunately the atmospheric condition was terrible for taking photos.

But this is the kind of thing they were doing all over town, making every bird in the area fly around aimlessly trying to figure out where they could be in peace. Well, now they can.


chrispito said...

This post makes me wish I was a bird. I watch the falcon that's taken up residence in our garden and I feel envy.
I'm also glad he's attacking the pigeons, which sounds mean but they make too much of a mess and racket!

dharmabum said...

i love air shows!
out here, birds do pose a threat to airplanes u know

Shadow said...

air shows are soooo cool. and i loooove the smell of jet fuel!

Devil Mood said...

Chrispito: You have a falcon in your garden? Wow! Over here pigeons are attacked by seagulls, it's horrible, they only leave the feathers and the bones. :P

Dharmabum: You mean when they get into the engines to rest and then the planes can't start?

Shadow: Really? Perhaps that's a smell I should look out for in the future. Do you think they make L'Eau du Jet Fuel? Lol ;)

dharmabum said...

yes, and sometimes, they even make planes crash!

Devil Mood said...

D'Bum: Oh no :( That's terrible.

Holy Chaos said...

hey devil mood!

I have a blog again!

I have missed you!

Devil Mood said...

Hi holy chaos :)