Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hey mr (and ms) djs

Hello "crazy girl" (notice the inverted commas!)

Musical crisis!

I need your help and collaboration! My crisis is divided in two sections:

a) My current stereo situation consists of only being able to listen to audio CDs and since I don't usually burn or buy them...I'm limited to old stuff, really old stuff.

b) I'm completely fed up with my "dancing" CDs. They're stale.

So what I ask of you is this: send me your musical suggestions, yeah? And, one more thing, when I say dance, I don't mean I want dance music. A lot of different music can be danced to, jazz for instance can be fantastic. So if you come across a song that you think is danceable and nice, send it my way. You can leave the suggestions in my comment box, e-mail inbox or real mail box (if you're an angel you can send me a CD ;)



Anonymous said...

check this out, i'm in looooooooooooooooooooove (times a million venus/neptune style)


Violet said...


This is my sugestion: sufjan stevens - Illinoise :)

Shadow said...

iggy pop: lust for life

Devil Mood said...

Chrspito: Ah tango, of course :) How do you know what I like? ;)

Violet: Hello! Come on, feel the illinoise ahahahah ;) It's good!

Shadow: Oh yes, I have that song, it's fantastic! thanks

Scholiast said...

Unfortunately, Rufus isn't really dancing music ... Unless there's someone you can cling to while dancing ;)

I'll have to think this one over :)

Sandman said...

Clumsy Sky- Girl in a Coma
Santogold- Lights Out
Thandiswa- Lahlumlenze
Rolling Stones- Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

All on youtube!!

Nice blog.

Niall said...

I think you already know what I'm into..so I don't think you'll ever give my suggestions the time of day...afterall..you're not a Dad !:-D Saying that, I will search foor what I think is appropriate...and remember..you did ask!

Devil Mood said...

Scholiast: When I saw your comment I thought: I wonder if Rufus has any dancing music? lol

Sandman: Hey, welcome! Thanks for that. Santogold is really cool :) But with my soft soft for World Music I'm loving Thandiswa!

Niall: Thanks, I appreciate it, if it's not too much trouble. No, I'm not a Dad ;)

dharmabum said...

when i have nothing to listen to, i sing. better still, at times, i simply enjoy the silence :)

Devil Mood said...

Dharmabum: Oh yes, silence is very important. I enjoy it a lot. But I can't dance in silence, it's ridiculous.

kimananda said...

Hmmm...I've had a cd compilation idea for a while, so this might be a good incentive to get it together. :-) In the meantime, the big dance song favorite in our place is


or perhaps


Chloe said...

last shadow puppets, someone still loves you boris yeltsin. I dance to those 2 a lot. xx

Devil Mood said...

Kim: That's a good idea! Having a lot of fun with Constantinople :D

Chloe: Thanks, I'm liking Last Shadow Puppets, I'm so out of fashion these days. ;)

sirbarrett said...

Anything by Ratatat or MGMT.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I have lots of alternative dancing favourites but particularly early PJ Harvey and Goldfrapp's Black Cherry album.

I'm off dancing tonight, if I hear any other favourites I'll come back and tell you!

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh Placebo are great for dancing too and more recent tracks from Depeche Mode

Devil Mood said...

SirBarrett: Thanks :)

Crafty: Oh thanks for so many suggestions :) I do have that Goldfrapp album, you're right! My problem with the other bands is that they often get more emotional than we need to be when dancing heheh ;)

SleekPelt said...

Hi, Devil Mood! Long time no comment -- I hope all is well. I know I'm late on this thread, but try "Juxtaposed With You" by Super Furry Animals. Definitely danceable!

Devil Mood said...

Hi Sleekpelt, thanks for that! :)Never too late for danceable music.