Monday, October 06, 2008

the photos the world has been waiting for....

I've come to the conclusion that I didn't take much photos on my holidays. Or to put it in another way: I took photos but mostly of the same places.

I was in the same places almost every day and since most of them were really beautiful I always found reasons to photograph them, until that day when I said: that's probably enough.

Most of the pictures of the beach I have were taken in this really cloudy day. As you can see the parasols were all closed and there was almost no-one around. The temperature was very pleasant but there was no sun and shortly it started raining.

This way, I came back to land, by train.

It's a small but beautiful journey through varied vegetation and fresh pine trees. It smells wonderfully of dunes :)

This is the little train. You can walk too if you like but taking the train is so much more romantic. lol

After the train you arrive at the lagoon - sometimes it is empty and you see tons of vegetation and animals - crabs, storks and various others with names I can't produce. There's flamingos too, they say, but only at certain times of the year and I've never seen them. Other times, depending on the tide, the lagoons are full and you get this lovely view.

This is the "train station", so to speak and, as you can see behind the fences, the tide was empty and this is the typical vegetation of the lagoon.

Hope you've enjoyed it. I'll be back with more.


Gillian said...

I'd take the train too, much nicer!
It all looks fantastic. What a relaxing time. xo

c. said...

I love these photos. peaceful and not very many people around, which is my ideal holiday, lol.

i don't mind taking pictures on cloudy days, either.
Sometimes I change them to sepia or take them with tungsten. i like the contrasts between the sky and the landscape.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea how my post ended up looking like that!
(that's me up there)

Niall said...

The clouds in the second picture are so wonderfully dramatic..and the lagoon would tempt me to sit and just watch to see the birds and other creatures..i've never seen Storks in the wild before..incredible wingspan..they must be so impressive. I can only imagine the wonderful pine/sea smell of the area, it's one of my favourite smells...

And lastly..a deserted had the perfect place to be!

Shadow said...

i did enjoy them! thanks for sharing them. btw, i love cloudy beach photos...

murat11 said...

Great pictures, DM. Your lagoon picture is exactly the kind of picture I was thinking of when I was trying to "illustrate" Shelley's "Julian and Maddalo."

I like cloudy days at the beach.

Scholiast said...

wow! I think you're right, I should take the kids there :)

maddie said...

i LOVE trains ~ always used to travel
on trains as a child with my
Grandparents:) and those photos are
so beautiful and blissful...

missalister said...

...until that day when I said: that’s probably enough. Another excellent snapshot of humanity. Left me pondering how quickly we get used to things. So the vacation contrasting ordinary life is good, makes things new until they become enough... I like that thought and I like the photos :-)

deepbluewater said...

I just loved the lagon pic.!!!
great pic :D

Devil Mood said...

Gillian - yes, it was :)

Chrispito: I was wondering who C. was ;) Yes, I love sepia and tungsten but I rarely remember to switch on those options when I'm taking the pictures.

Niall: Yes, all of those factors you mentioned make for a great place to be at. :)

Shadow: Oh then I'm glad I took the photos precisely when it was clouded ;)

Murat: Amazing! That is why it felt so familiar when I read the poem. To me it reminded me of this place!

Scholiast: Yes, I think they'd enjoy it (and you too!)

Maddie: Thank you. Trains are extremely romantic.

MissAlister: Only you to pick up on that detail. But that's true. At least it became normal for the time being; right now it's not normal anymore. I miss it. lol

Deepblue: Thanks! I have more, i'll post them later :)

Natalie said...

i love the pictures. the train sounds like so much fun!

Chloe said...

those pictures of the lonely beach are the loveliest. i see why you didn't want to come back.

Devil Mood said...

Natalie, trains were exciting, I was giggling like a kid.

Chloe: I know. And now I'm missing it terribly.